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Well, it’s been almost two weeks now and finally I’m getting around to posting my review of all the crazy gaming goodness at MACE 2007.  I’ll give a brief rundown of the different games I played and what I thought about them, but if you want a little more information, I decided to experiment with a couple of audio podcasts with some more
in-depth impressions of the wekend…

I’ve been looking forward to finally trying out some of the cool independent
RPG’s that I’ve heard so much about, and I certainly had a great opportunity while at MACE.  I’m going to briefly run through each session that I played here, but if you’re interested you can also download the mp3 file I’ve included for some more in-depth thoughts (if my thoughts can ever really be considered to have “depth”, that is)…

While I have this blog (, I still tend to do most of the weekly session reports on a series of Geeklists over at BGG.  Anyway, I thought I would call a little attention to them, just in case any of you want to keep up with the habits of our group…

We just pulled out the new Asmodée Editions game Wicked Witches Way this week at BoardGame night, and I was really impressed. I don’t know if I’ll ever write a full review for it, but I
just wanted to make a time-sensitive comment about it before Halloween has come and gone…

Well, part of my delinquency in posting here on the old blog was due to going away on vacation with my extended family for a whole week. Overall, the week was relaxing and peaceful,
even if I did catch a cold. One of the best parts of it all, of course, was the 42 plays of 14 different games I manged to get in during the week…

Well, my brother Tony (the man who indoctrinated me into gaming as
a wee little child) was in town this weekend. His two sons, Alex
(age 9) and Ben (age 5), were also with him, and are similarly
doomed to a life of blissful gaming geekdom. Tony and I used to
have to wait until the boys were asleep or otherwise occupied to
steal away a few moments for gaming, but now we just have to find
games that we can play with the young fellers, which is not too
hard at all. So, here’s my report of all the games we played!

I almost forgot to post the links to the new Glogs (Geeklist Blogs) that I’ve got up on BGG!

Since I’m still so new to the hardcore boardgaming community, it’s still really cool to me to play brand new games, especially when they have received as much good press as Notre Dame and Arkadia have. So I thought I’d share my initial impressions of both of these fine games after my first plays of each.

Saturday was my birthday, and today is Gwen’s birthday (that’s my lovely wife, by the way), so I thought I’d talk a little bit about what games we added to our collection this weekend as well as our “gaming-with-nongamers” activity.