1. That’s a really nice photo. If you’re on Reddit you should consider posting it to /r/boardgameporn (really nice pics of boardgames). If you’re not on Reddit I could post it for you and link back here?

    1. gamerchris

      Thanks, Gino! I’ve used the /r/boardgames forum before, but wasn’t aware of the boardgameporn sub.

      I’m on Reddit, but can’t remember my username/password right now. I’m trying to figure out/reset it, but I’d love it if you could link to it for me. On most of the other Reddit forums, it’s sort of bad mojo to link to your own work, but is that different on the boardgameporn sub?

  2. Ah yes, you’re right, people don’t like it when you post your own stuff (seems daft to me). I’ll do it when I get home tonight, can’t use Reddit at work!

    1. gamerchris

      Cool. Thanks a lot!

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