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  1. I have often said that the auction is my least favorite mechanism in games, but I have to admit that it’s been growing on me. I like auctions that are done WELL – the incremental auctions where people just increase the bid until someone is the last one remaining, or the once around auctions, or the blind bids all feel like lazy design choices to me, and I really dislike those. And I really hate auctions for turn order. I tend to prefer the games were several auctions are going on simultaneously, as in Cyclades or Keyflower – the ones that, yes, are more like worker placement. I think I like worker placement better because I can see my options better and have more of a sense of the order I need to play things in to give me the best chance. In auctions, I might know what I need, but I don’t know what the best to pay. And if I back myself into a hole, there’s not usually anything I can do about it.

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