1. Chip

    Chris, glad you are enjoying Monza.
    We like Gulo Gulo, but I understand your frustration. I remember a game where Emma was about Samantha’s age and my dad was playing with us. Emma had no problem grabbing the smallest eggs, but my dad was lucky to get the larger ones out. I will say that the copy at Hypermind has steeper sides in the ‘bowl’ than my copy does which may make it harder.
    We had the Dragon Tales Matching Game, which is just Chicken Cha Cha Cha with a different theme, that I got cheap off of ebay.

    Some other games that have worked for us are:

    My First Uno – the cards in this game are very large which make it very hard for little hands to hold them so my kids used card holders for this game. I think the ones we have are made by Gamewright.

    Viva Topo – a fun roll and move/press your luck game with very nice components.

    Cranium Zooreka – roll and move game with trading resources with ‘the bank’. I think we got this at Barnes and Noble one year when they had their big sale on games.

    Daddy Cool – The whole family likes this game! I would say it’s like Can’t Stop for kids. This game is easily portable also. We would take it with us (in a small cloth bag) when we would go out to eat and set it up on the table and play while waiting for our food. I highly recommend this game but it may be hard to find a copy.

    The Powerpuff Girls: Saving the World Before Bedtime – got this game at Goodwill for a couple of bucks and it turned out to be a good game.

    Boo Who? – roll and move race game with memory element.

    Catan:Junior – good intro to Catan. No trading between players, but you can trade with the market (1:1) once per turn or with the supply at 2:1.

    1. Chip

      Another game that has worked really well is Ribbit by SimplyFun. It’s a race game where only you know which color is yours. The kids will have to learn not to let on which color they have. We have the German version, Schildkrötenrennen, which is turtles instead of frogs. The kids still like playing this game.

    2. gamerchris

      Thanks, Chip! And thanks again both for these recommendations and for giving/loaning me even more cool games to play with my girls!

  2. ah_pook

    Animal Upon Animal, Bling Bling Gemstone and Spot It are the current go to games with my nieces and nephews. I think for the next round of birthdays etc I’m going to grab them copies of Bugs In The Kitchen (had a great time playing this the other night with you guys), The Black Pirate and Ghost Blitz.

    1. gamerchris

      Yeah, Animal Upon Animal is a game I’ve had forever, mostly to play as a filler with other gamers, but I need to pull it out more with my kids. I have Toc Toc Woodman (the original version of Bling Bling Gemstone, I suppose), but doubt that my girls would have the finesse required to tap the blocks of wood soft enough to not make them fly off the tree.

      Ghost Blitz is something that I’ve heard a lot about and would love to have, but I just haven’t seen it in person or purposefully sought it out. Same thing for The Black Pirate as well, I guess.

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