GamerChris Has Officially Moved…

Last night, I finished moving all of the old posts over from the old site to this new one, and just a few minutes ago, began pointing here rather than to the old site.  All of the written content should be here now, even if it looks really ugly because the formatting didn’t really translate.  Most all of the links are broken between pages (especially from my Review Index), but I’ll be trying to clean as much of that up as I can in the coming weeks and months.  I’m also going to probably re-publish my Boardgame Basics series (maybe in a new format, even), which has consistently been my most-viewed posts.

As for the podcast, I’ve still got to re-upload them to this new site and then create a new feed for them (probably using FeedBurner), so stay tuned for that soon.

And now that I’m relatively sure that GamerChris will still exist after tomorrow, I’m also going to get back to work on actually creating new content for all of my readers.  So once again, please bear with me through this change.