Changes to

For over 7 years now, I’ve been hosting this blog at GoDaddy and using their built-in blogging function (called Quick Blogcast) to actually manage the site.  I found out a little while ago, however, that GoDaddy is going to “retire” Quick Blogcast altogether (along with its servers and all the content hosted therein)  just a couple of days from now on June 25.

So in addition to all the other things that keep me from blogging, I’ve also had to dedicate some of my spare time lately to figuring out how to save the blog from utter destruction.  After looking around for a while, I decided to continue hosting with GoDaddy, but am switching to a WordPress format to manage the blog itself.  I’ve had some trouble in migrating all of the content to the new site, but that should hopefully be taken care of today or tomorrow.

Until I pull the plug on the old site, it will continue to be, while the new site is currently  But once the migration is complete, will also direct you to the new site as well.

The bigger issue is going to be the RSS feeds.  After the switch, the old feeds both for the blog and the podcast will be dead.  The new feed for blog entries will be (I think, anyway).  But I’m still having problems with the podcast, so please check back here or in the Guild later on this week when I’ve hopefully have it figured out.

I’m really sorry for all this hassle, but I truly hope that you’ll stick with me through this change until it’s all settled once again.