1. Jacob

    How much did the complete Netrunner set you back? If I wanted the game that’s what I would do, too, but the only way I am going to be able to try it out is to buy it myself.

  2. Chris Ingersoll

    My Shaper identity is still Kate in that last game.

  3. Chris Norwood

    I’m not sure exactly how much I’ve spent on it, since I’ve been picking up data packs and expansions piecemeal over the last 2-3 months here and there.  But on CoolStuffInc.com, you can get one copy of everything (not including the new stuff for doing drafts) for $186.85, or throw in a second core set for a total of $213.84.

    It’s a pretty good chunk of change, but that covers nearly 2 years of content for the game, gets you totally up to speed with every card that any other player in the game has access to, and is still about the same or less than 2 booster boxes of a recent/upcoming Magic: The Gathering set.

  4. Chris Norwood


  5. Jacob

    Thanks. Yeah, I better try out just the base game before I decide on expansions.

  6. Nathan

    Miniature Market has Cities for $15, and the new Limes is a reimplementation of Cities, I believe.

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