Meeple Contest Answers…

As I promised in yesterday’s podcast, here are the answers to the Meeple collage contest:

And like I said, I also wanted to illustrate the differences between the meeples from Diamant and Escape: Curse of the Temple, since so many people missed being perfect just because of that one.  Here they are, with Diamant on the left and Escape on the right:

So, as you can see the Diamant meeple is narrower from the front, but it thicker from the side.  The Escape dude has a little more shape to him as well.  And mostly, Escape meeples don’t come in the light blue (which we might call “Carolina blue” around these parts).  Like I said, I almost considered counting Escape as correct when I saw how many people wrote it, but side by side, there are enough differences that I decided to stick to my guns that they were different “enough”.

Again, congratulations to the winners, and stay tuned for other contests as I think of them and find prize support!