It’s Friday, so why not start a CONTEST!!!

I’ve been looking for a good time to start this, but then I just figured “what the heck, it’s Friday”, so we’re gonna get started with it anyway.

Like I said a little while ago, I’ve been making little collage thingies for my game group’s anniversary parties for years now.  It’s fun for me to put them together, and hopefully they’re pretty fun to do.  So first of all, here’s the collage:

Here are the meeples, pawns, or other similar “player dudes” sort of markers from 43 different games.  The goal is to identify as many of them as you can.
So, the rules of contest are as follows:

1) Look at the collage (click on it to get to a bigger version) and figure out which games each picture comes from
2) Put the answers numbered in order (using this as a guide) in an email to me ( with the subject MEEPLES CONTEST
3) All entries must be received before midnight on March 7th, so you have a month to do this

And what are you playing for???

The person who gets the most pictures right will win a brand-new production copy of Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia.  I accidentally removed the shrinkwrap from it (thinking it was my Kickstarter version), but it’s totally unpunched and unplayed.  If more than one person ties for the most right, I’ll randomly choose between them.

But also, I will choose a random winner from all of the entries to win a copy of Nanuk, which is a really great and underrated boasting game of shifting alliances.  So as long as you make a decent effort at guessing the games, you will still have a chance of being a winner!


  1. Jacob

    While I appreciate your generousity in hosting this contest, I’m not eager to enter because I can only identify one image and who’s not going to be able to name more than two or five or ten of those images? May I suggest having a one correct image = one entry if you choose to do something like this again? A random draw that favours those who identified the most pics would give us lesser lights a chance. Or perhaps those who own a few hundred games including the ones you took pictures of deserve to win another game for their collection? Sorry, I’m just griping because I can’t win this time. Cool pics!

  2. Chris Norwood

    Let me say a couple of things in response to you…

    First, since I took all of the pictures, if you look through my contributions on BGG or back in time here on the blog, you’ll find most of the images.  So research can potentially overcome personal lack of exposure to these games.

    Second, that’s also why I included the second prize.  If you make a good attempt, you’ll be entered to win Nanuk, which again, is a really great little game.  It’s not the new hotness that Euphoria might be, but it’s still a great thing to win. 

    And heck, depending on how many people enter, who knows how many correct answers will actually take the main prize?

  3. Chris Ingersoll

    Pretty sure I could get about 37 of them without looking the rest up, but I already own Euphoria so I’ll sit this one out. 😉

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