7th Anniversary for the Hypermind Boardgamers!

My game group has been together in one form or another for 7 years now, so last week we had a little celebration to commemorate the occasion.  It was complicated by the fact that snow was falling and the temperature was in the teens (which in North Carolina, if you didn’t know, is tantamount to a blizzard), so while there was very little actual game playing, we still ate some yummy cupcake cake and did a few other things.
One thing that we’ve always done is to vote on some of our favorite games from the past year.  Now, these games aren’t necessarily new or anything, but they’ve just been ones that have been played in the group and stood out above the rest.  So, here are the official Hypermind Boardgamers’ awards for 2013:  

Favorite Filler: Ra: The Dice Game (Reiner Knizia, Rio Grande Games)
Favorite “Gateway” Game: King of Tokyo (Richard Garfield, IELLO)
Most Thematic Game: Formula D (Laurent Lavaur and Eric Randall, Asmodee) 
Coolest Game Mechanics: Spyrium (William Attia, Ystari) 
Favorite Game of the Year: Ogre Designer’s Edition (Steve Jackson, Steve Jackson Games)

The other thing we tend to do is that Chris Ingersoll and I both come up with some puzzle-like things just to have some fun and celebrate the group.  Chris worked ridiculously hard coming up with an awesome crossword/acrostic puzzle that highlighted my original report about our formation. 

And as I usually do, I put together a collage of game images from the last year: 

(click to embiggen)

Chip “won” missing just one of the 44 games in the collage.  How well can you do?