Exploring Games, Episode 18: Exploring MACE!

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  • Year 2013
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In this episode, my friend Ken Coble and I sit down to discuss our experience with MACE, a semi-local gaming convention in Charlotte, NC.  This was my 11th straight year going to MACE, Ken’s 3rd, and the convention’s 2nd year in Charlotte.  While we do spend a little time talking some about the con itself and some of the people we met, the bulk of our comments here are about the games we played throughout the weekend, so hopefully this show will be useful even to those of you who will never have the chance to come to MACE.

Listen, enjoy (hopefully), and feel free to give me feedback either here, via email (gamerchris@bellsouth.net), at my Guild on BoardGameGeek, or on Twitter (@kilroy_locke).

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MACE website
My MACE reports from 2011, 2010 (Part 1), 2010 (Part 2), 2009 (Part 1)2009 (Part 2), 2008 (Part 1), 2008 (Part 2), 2007 (Part 1)2007 (Part 2)

Time Index
0:28       Intro
2:07       MACE 2013 Report
4:00       – Battle for Souls
9:40       – Gravwell
15:05     – Hanabi
21:13     – Robinson Crusoe
30:36     – Sentinels of the Multiverse
33:10     – Maximum Throwdown
37:13     – Coloretto
41:20     – OGRE!
51:43     – Dark Heresy (RPG)
54:04     – Fiasco (RPG)
1:03:15  – Freedom: The Underground Railroad
1:10:45  – Mice and Mystics
1:12:16  – 1775: Rebellion
1:13:19  Final Thoughts
1:17:00  Outro

A beautiful second before we lose the signal by Ending Satellites on the Free Music Archive


  1. WG

    Chris — I haven’t commented before, but I love your podcast. I just wanted to say that I think your friend Ken is very smart and interesting. Unfortunately the current episode is all but unlistenable because of his unfortunate habit of interrupting you literally every quarter second — if not with a comment, then with an “uh huh,” “Mmmm Hmm” “OK,”. It ends up being just a chaos of sound, and I had to turn it off.

    As I said, I think he makes great contributions otherwise. If he joins you again, can I ask him to please let Chris talk unmolested for a bit, then jump in with something, then be silent for a bit, etc.

  2. Chris Norwood

    Oh, wow.  I didn’t get that at all either during or listening back to the episode.  But then again, I’ve had conversations like that with Kenny for years and years, so maybe I just don’t notice it.  I definitely have the intention of sitting down with him several more times to explore things raised here and elsewhere again, so I’ll be sure to give this feedback to him and others I have on the show.

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