1. Alton

    CONGRATS CHRIS!!! Looks real sweet for a co-op. 😉
    Keep us updated on how it all goes and maybe you could do a back story on how it all came about.
    When I get my copy you’ll have to sign it for me. My sister who is a nurse will be getting a copy as well. Take care my friend and I wish you the best.

  2. Chris Norwood

    Thanks!  And yes, it’s fully cooperative.  If you read the first article in the Boardgame Design Project, it gets a lot into my design goals, and with the theme, cooperation was a must.

  3. Awesome! I read over a few of them, and it sounds like a really well-conceived game. That’s great, Chris.

  4. Congrats Chris! I will definitely be picking up a copy and would love to have you sign it as well. will This be a kickstarter project at all?

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