1. Chris, your takes on Hanabi and Love Letter are very similar to mine. I think both suffered from excessive hype, but they are both very good games “in their own skin,” that is, they do what they do very, very well. My wife and I particularly like LL as an entertaining diversion.

  2. Chris Norwood

    The only thing is, though, that I think Hanabi totally lives up to the hype.

    Love Letter, however, is so light that it often offers no meaningful choices to the players.  If played with the right expectations and attitude, it can still be pretty fun and entertaining, but the results are often much more attributable to randomness than to skill. 

  3. DLE

    Totally agree with you on Suburbia and for the same reasons. It would make a fantastic computer game, where the computer manages everything. But as a board game, it’s too fiddly.

    As for Love Letter, play with two decks and 8 players. Totally makes the game.

  4. Chris Norwood

    That’s why I’m actually looking forward to the Suburbia iOS app a lot! 

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