Games with Two… Loses One

I just found out about the unexpected death of Jason Moslander, writer of the Games with Two blog and prominent boardgame community member. 

Apparently, with no reported history of heart disease, he suffered sudden cardiac arrest and passed away last Wednesday at the age of 27.  He leaves behind his wife, Stephanie (also known as “Mrs. Games with Two” on his blog), and two preschool-aged children.  His obituary can be found

I suppose that I didn’t really know Jason in a traditional sense.  I had never met him in person or had the chance to play a game with him.  But through reading his blog (which was actually the subject of my first Blog Spotlight on 
episode 3 of my podcast) and interacting with him online, I felt like he was, at least on some level, a friend.  And today, I grieve for him and pray for his family.

If you also “knew” Jason and want to leave some sort of memorial for him, people are 
posting comments on his blog and in the memorial set up for him at BoardGameGeek.  

If you’d like to help out his family financially, you can send donations through their church.  Make checks payable to Rockport Baptist and designate the gift as, “Acts 4 Fund: Moslander” or just “Moslander” and send to: 
Rockport Baptist Church
3761 Telegraph Road
Arnold, MO 63010