Exploring Games, Episode 13: Exploring iOS Boardgames

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This episode is one I’ve been wanting to do for a while, where I think and talk a lot about iOS and other digital avenues to play boardgames.  I give my opinions about what digital boardgames do well, issues they have, and what I look for in iOS apps.  Then I list my top 11 (or more) favorite iOS Boardgame Apps.  This episode also includes a rant about using the word “mechanism” instead of “mechanic”, and a rundown of my recently played games.

Listen, enjoy (hopefully), and feel free to give me feedback either here, via email (gamerchris@bellsouth.net), at my Guild on BoardGameGeek, or on Twitter (@kilroy_locke).

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Time Index
0:28     Intro
1:43     Rant: Mechanic vs. Mechanism
8:17     Recently Played Games
8:33     – Werewolf
10:10   – Family Reunion Games
11:01   – Viticulture
13:37   – Bazaar
15:55   – The Agents
18:20   – Forbidden Island
19:24   – Dancing Eggs
19:52   – Spot It
20:08   – Shake ‘n Take
22:16   – Metropolys
23:05   – Merchant of Venus
23:47   – Archipelago
27:36   – Agricola
29:10   – Fairy Tale
30:25   – Suburbia
33:00     Exploring iOS and Digital Boardgames
1:04:27  Top 11 (or 17) Favorite iOS Boardgame Apps
1:20:23  Outro

A beautiful second before we lose the signal by Ending Satellites on the Free Music Archive



  1. Keith

    I just listened to your 13th episode. Much comes to mind to comment on. For the moment I will limit myself to my use of the term mechanism. I have not researched the use of mechanic vs mechanism. I use the term mechansim simply because it is the term I grew up with. I believe I am in the minority.

    Now if I could just figure out the maths for the dices in my abstract game I am designing.

  2. keith

    That should be listened not listend.

  3. tomg

    This was a good and helpful episode. You did a good job covering why you like them. I might actually consider buying Agricola now. Neuroshima Hex sounds fun. Ra and T&E are high possibilities too.

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