1. Chris Ingersoll

    Turns out there’s a subscript HTML tag (“sub”), but I don’t know if this blog supports it. CO<2 should work, in theory.

  2. Chris Ingersoll

    Huzzah! Even though I screwed up and accidentally put an extra left-bracket there!

  3. Chris Norwood

    Let’s see… 


    Woo hoo! Heisenberg would be so proud!

  4. Chris, I’m so glad you brought up Traders of Carthage. I’d just posted about how underappreciated I think this game is. You did a very nice, thorough job here of describing the nature of the game.

    Tom Gurganus and I were tweeting each other about how somebody could make a decent amount of money reprinting ToC. Seems like a Kickstarter no-brainer.

  5. Chris Norwood

    You know, Tom Vasel mentioned that he was looking for small card games to publish/republish under the Dice Tower studio, and I wonder if he has considered this one (if the licence is available, anyway).  But somebody really needs to get it done, either on KS or just directly.

  6. Tom Rose

    Hey, Chris,

    I was intrigued by your description and praise of Salmon Run, so I was looking into it. It turns out that the non-Kickstarter verion of the game only supports up to 4 players. Now I am curious to know if there were any modifications made to the # of swim cards to support 5 players.

  7. Chris Norwood

    There were a few more swim cards (along with more Fatigue and other stuff, too), but in my assessment, not quite enough of them.  I enjoy it with 5, but it’s probably better balanced for 4 or less.  The contents of the 5th player expansion can be found here, except that I don’t know anything about a Black Bear or Golden Eagle, so I’m not where those came from or if they actually even exist.

    Jesse, are reading this?  Do you have anything to add?

  8. Tom Rose

    Thnaks for the info, Chris, which led me to this tidbit regarding the Black Bear and Golden Eagle. From BGG:

    “As far as the “black bear” and “golden eagle” cards listed in the fisherman expansion list: those are simply the additional regular Bear and Eagle cards included with the addition of a 5th player. At one point Gryphon had renamed the Bear as the black bear and renamed the eagle as the golden eagle to further differentiate them from the Grizzly and Bald eagle cards. So their listing as golden eagle and black bear is an oversight and a mistake but you aren’t missing any cards.”

  9. Chris Norwood

    Oh, cool.  Thanks!  Your BGG-foo is excellent!

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