1. Chris Ingersoll

    For the Unexploded Cow scores, anything under $5000 isn’t worth mentioning, as that is the starting amount each player gets in a closed system.

  2. Keith

    On Chip and Stacy’s experience with Salmon Run

    I think there was a couple of things that combined to lead to a stagnate game the was more frustrating than entertaining.

    1. They were new players and the first board past the start was set to Hard difficulty. A hard board is tougher with a deck that is only one card or two past the starting deck than one that has been built up.

    2. Getting stuck that early in the game has a greater impact on than getting stuck later in the game. While in both cases a player loses ground to the other players their game disadvantage is increased for the duration of the game by falling behind in deck building. In this case they did not just fall behind a card or two, by time they got clear entire categories of cards (like current and most of the double moves) were exhausted.

    3. Kenney ended up with five or six current cards. At the point they started up that right path he already had two, by the time he stuck them the first time he was in position to get his third and soon picked up his fourth. This meant he had as many current cards as they had left cards (three starting lefts and a wild). They needed two to get out of their situation, he only needed one to put them back into it. And he did, multiple times. Since they had no current cards they had no defense.

    4. There may have been some unnecessary delay in churning through their decks to get two left cards. I don’t think either initially understood that they could discard movement cards that would not cause them to move. I am fairly certain Stacy had at least one turn where he did not play three cards because he had movement cards that would not result in a move. If so that gave Kenney extra time to hit them with a current card again.

    I would not have expected going to the right to be such a problem.

    I don’t think Stacy and Chip went to the right to get to the Reed space to shed fatigue cards because at the point they moved to the right and were committed to going back to the left they were only at the fifth space in from the start. They could not have had much for fatigue cards (though you did hit them with a bear on turn one) and none yet in their draw deck. What I think they did was move two rights from the start to pick up the double move card (like I did). I also do not think going to the right was taking an unreasonably risky path. In fact it is more likely than not to work out without entrapment. The first turn they moved right twice. As the starting deck has three rights, three lefts, and a wild that left them with either a single right, three lefts, and a wild in their draw deck or, if they had used a wild on their first move, two rights and two lefts. Their other major path from picking up the double move card on move one was the less likely one of having to draw what they needed to make a jump over the falls followed by another jump over the falls before they were clear from the threat of a current card.

  3. Chris Norwood

    When I said that they had to choose to go on the Reed space, what I meant is that if you look at the picture (which I know that you can’t always do), no Current arrows lead into it.  So the only way to end on that space is to swim into it.  Once you’re there, though, a Current will pull you backwards further to the right, which is what happened to Chip and Stacy, and which was the real difficulty for them to overcome (putting together 2 or more Swim Left or Wild cards).

    And I don’t know that I realized Stacy was taking turns not playing irrelevant swim cards.  If I had (or did), I would have tried to correct that.

  4. I played Unexploded Cow recently– Ridiculous concept, but the game is actually pretty fun. Super easy to pick up and play.

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