Matching Lions – Cute Children’s Game on Kickstarter!

After backing Compounded last night (which, by the way, is over half-funded and coming up on $10,000 in less than a day), I stumbled upon
Matching Lions, a little card game that I found in, of all places, the local project area of the Kickstarter main page. 

It’s a cute little game aimed at children as young as 3 years old that’s about collecting different herd animals.  The idea for the game came from the project owner’s 4-year-old, which she then helped flesh out and make into a real, functioning game.  And from reading the description of play, it does actually sound like a “real” game with some real choices to make.


Basically, you’re trying to collect (by playing in front of you) 5 of any one herd animal (Zebras or Antelopes).  It’s got the basic “draw 1, play 1” turn sequence for the herd animals, so it’s easy to pick up, but it still has a few neat wrinkles through the use of some action cards.  In addition to playing a Zebra or Antelope, you play either a Lion or Elephant card as well.  Two Lion cards may be discarded from your play area to discard 2 Antelope and/or Zebra cards.  If you play a Elephant, you scare off any Lion cards already on the table (even your own) back to their owner’s hands.  And if someone uses their Lions to eat your animals, you can discard a Hippopotamus card from your hand to cancel the action.  So again, it’s not complicated or anything, but it sounds like a really cute little game for young children.

And since the owner (Sonya Justice) also writes and does illustrations for children’s books, she did all the artwork for the cards, which are just adorable.  And there are even a couple of other animals (Giraffes and Hyenas) that have been unlocked as stretch goals.


So anyway, if you’ve got young kids or know someone who does, you might want to consider this game.  It’s already funded, and buying a copy costs just $10.  But time is short, since the project ends early on Monday morning (January 21), so

go there now and back it!