January 2013

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Just over 6 years ago, my gaming life changed forever when I managed to pull together a few other local gamers to play at our FLGS, Hypermind. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years, but the core group is still going strong having fun together each and every week. So once a year, we take a little time out to celebrate with cake and snacks, and to reflect on the last year in the form of voting for some of our favorite games…

Pandmemic is, of course, my favorite game. And Z-Man Games just announced that for its 5th anniversary this year, a new edition of Pandemic will be released with all new art and a new role. And it will hit stores next month!

So, as I’ve done for the last 5 years, come with me as I look back at the previous year, review what and how much I’ve played, and then give some attention to some of the games that have really stood out for me.

The Picture of the Week was a little experiment that I started in 2012. My hope was to focus a little more on my game photography and also increase my post count a little by choosing one picture every week to highlight. And for the most part, I think it’s been pretty successful…

This episode is all about my interview with popular board game reviewer Josh Edwards of the Board Game Reviews by Josh blog. Before I get to the actual interview, I do touch on how Extra Life and MACE went, but the vast majority of the show is just me and Josh talking about all sorts of boardgamey things. We touch on the history of his site, what his philosophy is about game reviews, some challenges that he’s faced in writing a few difficult reviews, and lots more. I have to apologize to him that I’ve unintentionally sat on this since late October, but I think it’s worth the wait!