Extra Life is This Saturday!

Extra Life is coming up this weekend!  If I haven’t made it clear before, Extra Life is a fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network involving a 24-hour gaming marathon.  My team is playing specifically for Duke Children’s Hospital, which is the closest one to us here in central North Carolina, and I just want to make one last plea for any help that any of you out there can give me.

We’ll be getting started early on Saturday morning at 8:00am, and we plan to take this thing really seriously.  The team members will pretty much be locked in to our FLGS, Hypermind, playing games with no real interruption until 8:00am on Sunday morning.  We’ve got one local restaurant (thank you to Sal’s Italian Restaurant!) who volunteered to bring us lunch, and otherwise we’ll be ordering out or bringing snacks to keep us alive until we are once again free.

I had sort of planned to make it an even bigger event, trying to get the media involved and all, but stuff happened, as it often does, and some of that sort of got lost.  But this is just our first year, and the most important thing is that we raise money for the sick kids.  I’ve almost reached my personal goal of $300, but the team still has a way to go if we’re going to hit the $1,500 I set for it.  

So if you can, please consider making a donation either through my Extra Life page or for someone else on my teamExploring Games for Kids!  I definitely want us to hit our goal, mostly for the children it will help, but also a little so that I can beat Jim and Adrienne over at the Great Big Table podcast.  

And also, if you’re at all local, we’d love for you to come over and play with us on Saturday!  You can check out the BGG guild for the Hypermind Boardgamers to see what sort of plans we’re making, and join in the discussion there if there’s something you want to play.  Our only request is that if you’re playing, we really request that you make at least some little donation to one team member.