Exploring Games, Episode 7: Stretcing Lancaster Too Far

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In this episode, I start off with an especially long segment of Recently Played games, featuring some comments about the Unpub ProtoZone at the Escapist Expo.  I then have a bit of a rant about Kickstarter rewards, and mostly share fears I have about the abuse of stretch goals.  And then, I wrap up with a full review of Lancaster.

Listen, enjoy (hopefully), and feel free to give me feedback either here, via email (gamerchris@bellsouth.net), at my Guild on BoardGameGeek, or on Twitter (@kilroy_locke).

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Time Index
0:29 Intro
6:04 Recently Played Games
– 8:15  Android: Netrunner
-10:58 Seasons
-13:33 Farmageddon
-15:00 Escapist Expo & Unpub ProtoZone
-16:18 Acute Care (MY game!)
-19:24 Flummox
-21:55 Belle of the Ball
-24:20 Smash Up
-26:48 Reverse Charades
-29:12 Walnut Grove
-31:05 Amun-Re
-33:50 Witch’s Brew
-36:14 Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures
-39:20 If I’m Going Down…
43:15 Kickstarter Rewards
1:05:10 Lancaster Review

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  1. Chris, I’m listening to your latest podcast and wanted to comment about the Kickstarter portion: There are some great points you made in the podcast about Stretch Goals. A note about Caveman Curling, yes I think it’s priced a little higher than it should be as well. But I also wanted to let you know that the 3rd player/Kickstarter packet will be for sale later at Eagle/Gryphon.

    I’m curious, remmber when you got the card game Eminent Doman I remember hearing a rant that others were able to get the cards as well (if they didn’t kickstart it). Do you still feel the same way about that? It seemed a little contradicting in terms of how you are talking about Kickstarter and the add ons that people get now. Maybe I missed something?

    By the way…keep these podcasts coming. They are awesome. I love hearing your views/oppinions/reviews…


  2. Oh yeah..with all that being said…I’m looking forward to kickstarting your game when you are ready to put it out there for the public 🙂 Hope to get to play it again soon.


  3. Chris Norwood

    Yeah, if the stretch goals for Caveman Curling had made them include the extra material in the regular game, then it’d be cool.  Or if they’d just lower the price of the game to $35 and then sell the extra stuff for $15, then I’d go for it as well.  But for $50 plus the cost of the extra stuff, it’s just too much.

    And yeah, I sorta tried not to get back into my rant about Eminent Domain, because it was a mistake made in the early days of Kickstarter, and I really think that Tasty Minstrel tried to learn from it and change how they handled things.  The mistake that they made was first to promise an “exclusive” expansion (the extra planets) and then provide them in every copy of the first edition of the game (and then make them available as promos later on).  It wasn’t so much that they added value to the game (which, as you said, I think is great), it’s that they promissed that it would be exclusive so that I and others felt manipulated into backing the Kickstarter, and then later found that just anybody could get it.  

    The other thing they did was to sell copies of the game at a convention before shipping out copies to backers.  I didn’t bring this kind of thing up in the podcast because it’s not really about rewards as much as it is about just good business practices.  Whether from Kickstarter or whatever, if you sell preorders, they really need to be the first people to have their orders fulfilled.

    Thanks once again for the praise!  

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