Exploring Games, Episode 5: Exploring Theme and Feld Auction Games

It’s been way too long, but after re-recording most of my content, I’ve finally finished episode 5 of…
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In this episode, I start off by trying to catch up a little on what I’ve been playing in the wide gulf of time since my last podcast.  The main topic of the show is an in-depth exploration of Theme in games, getting into why we even bother with it and what its purpose is, and then trying to question some of the assumptions that I see being made about theme in the hobby.  I then finish off the show by reviewing two auction games by Stefan Feld, The Speicherstadt and Strasbourg, and try to draw some comparisons between the two.

Listen, enjoy (hopefully), and feel free to give me feedback either here, via email (gamerchris@bellsouth.net), or at my Guild on BoardGameGeek.

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Time Index
0:54 Intro
2:35 Contest Information
4:13 Extra Life (Please pledge!)
6:49 Recently Played games
• 7:24 Zooloretto Dice
• 7:52 Bears!
• 8:10 Classic Flip
• 9:52 Pergamon
• 12:21 Family/Kids Games
• 12:34 San Juan
• 13:26 Werewolf
• 14:08 Castles of Burgundy
• 15:07 Santiago de Cuba
• 16:12 Anomia
• 16:25 Lancaster
• 17:20 Liar’s Dice
18:10 Exploring Theme in Games
  • 22:10 Purposes of Theme
• 27:50 Theme as Metaphor and Narrative
• 32:00 What makes for a strong theme?
• 43:30 Thematic Case Studies
57:30 Game Reviews – Stefan Feld Auction games
  • 58:04 The Speicherstadt
• 1:08:40 Strasbourg
• 1:23:21 Comparison of both games
1:29:09 Outro

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A beautiful second before we lose the signal by Ending Satellites on the Free Music Archive 


  1. Chris, I loved the podcast #5. Thanks for adding my name as the one who is so far making the most for Extra Life. 🙂 But seriously folks, come support the whole team, including GamerChris with a donation. Also, your girls were cute at the end with GO AWAY MONSTER! Great way to end the podcast with some family chatter at the end. 🙂

  2. Chris Norwood

    Thanks, Shawn. I had recorded that little “interview” with the girls a month or more ago, not really even planning on publishing it.  But then, with some people asking if I was going to ever feature other voices on the podcast, I thought it would be cool if the very first other people on the podcast were Samantha and Corinne.  And it worked out pretty well, I think.

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