Gameathonapocaloozafestacon 5: The Dawn of the Prototypes (in Pictures)

Since I talked in some depth on my latest podcast about the games I played at Gameathonapocaloozafestacon 5, I thought I’d just touch a little more on the day through sharing some of the pictures I took…

Here are Chris Kirkman, Eric Martin, and Graham Russell playing Vegas with me
Tom Gurganus (our gracious host) stood by and watched as he welcomed arriving guests

Suburbia – a closeup on the tiles and then a look at the market and the public goals (note that some of the goals will be changing in the final version)

Compounded – The score track (periodic table) above, and then the player board and compound tableau below.

It’s sort of strange, but the one game I played all day but didn’t get pictures of was my own prototype, Acute Care.  And in addition to these prototypes, Daniel Solis also got his new game Belle of the Ball played a couple of times (and you can see in the background of this picture).

Last Word

Barry, Keith, and Chip play The Manhattan Project with me.  In the background, you can see Daniel and his wife Megan (standing) playing Ticket to Ride: Europe with Kenny

Chip absolutely dominated our play of Revolution.  He’s red, if you didn’t figure it out…

Keith, Chip, Tom, and Barry join me in a game of The Speicherstadt to finish off the evening, as storms began to roll into the area.

And in addition to all the game playing, we also set up some trades ahead of time, so I managed to pick up Battleship Galaxies, Aton, Startup Fever, Dragonheart, and Hex Hex XL.  If things get any more complicated, though, we may have to set up a Math Trade next time.

And I didn’t even get into the fact that Kenny,
Tom, Keith, and I actually started a little early doing some character generation for a roleplaying campaign that we’re going to fun for a few months.  We’re using the classic DC Heroes system to run the Necessary Evil setting, which is all about a world where alien invaders killed all of Earth’s superheroes, and now the only hope for humanity rests with the supervillains who remain.  But maybe I’ll talk more about that later.

It was a really great day, about 14 hours in all for me, with some great games and even better friends!  I really appreciate Tom opening up his home to us (even if he did serve chili on the hottest day of the year), and I look forward to next time!


  1. The get together looks like a lot of fun and has one of the best names ever. There really should be t-shirts.

    Ah, the envy.

  2. Chris Norwood

    T-shirts, that’s great!  I can see them now… The name would start on the front of the shirt and wrap all the way around to the back.  How cool!

    Tom, get on that!  Maybe get Daniel or Chris to design it.

    Oh, and Jim; what’s up with your podcast?  I’ve caught up with you now, and it’s not exactly like I’m blazing through with my release schedule.  Is the lofty height of the podcasting ranks too much for you and Adrienne?

  3. Working on the next episode. First we had vacation for a week and my job is really busy during the summer. I’ve been swamped since I returned.

    Just to put your obvious fears to rest, though, our next episode should be recorded, edited and posted in the next week (or so).

    Feel better now?

    I know we’re your favorite podcast and you’re starved for good content, but you’ve got to give it time. We’re like a fine wine, you’ve got to let us breathe a little.

    I’ve also been trying to get all our ducks in a row for getting the Extra Life ( fund raising teams for both our church and our podcast, Great Big Table, off the ground.

    Let me challenge you to stop commenting on our show’s slow release schedule and turn that untapped energy towards helping sick kids.

    How about setting up a fund raising team based around your blog and podcast audience for a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in your area? Challenge your audience to join the effort to get sponsors for a 24 hour gaming marathon to take place on October 20th (though our church is spreading the 24 hours across that whole weekend for a nice three day gaming event).

    Though originally created by the Sarcastic Gamer video game site, Extra Life is now an official fund raising event for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and is open to gamers of every stripe, including tabletop gamers. For the last couple of years, table top gaming has had more involvement in Extra Life and I would LOVE to see it, as a community, have its biggest year yet supporting this great cause.

    So, what do you say, Chris? Up for a little friendly competition? Want to see who’s team raises the most money for sick kids?

    In all honestly, you’ll probably beat us, but we love being the underdog

    Who cares anyway? The money will go directly to hospitals that have a direct impact on the lives of sick children and their families.

    Families like mine.

    No pressure.


    – Jim
    co-host, Great Big Table podcast

  4. Chris Norwood

    Wow, Jim, how low can you go?  Did you really just play the “helping sick kids” card?  How the heck am I supposed to fight back against that?

    But anyway, it’s a good idea, and I’ll talk to my game group and FLGS owner about it tonight…

  5. Whatever works to melt a cold cold heart, right?

    Just kidding.

    It’s a great cause, whether I have sick kids or not. For me, it’s personal. For others, it’s altruism.

    See! You get to take the higher ground.

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