Exploring Games, Episode 4: Filling an Extra Life with a CONTEST!


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Woo hoo!  It’s been less than 2 weeks and here’s another episode of…
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In it, I start off by announcing my first contest!  If you join my guild and give me some feedback (either there, here, or via email), you’ll get a chance to win a copy of Last Will! [And just to be clear, you will not get multiple entries for giving multiple forms of feedback. I’d appreciate it, but that would just get nuts to track.]

From there, I talk a little more about Extra Life and the team that I’m trying to put together, as well as some of my thoughts and plans for the event.  I was actually on the jury for the 2011 Dice Tower Awards, which were announced last week, so I go through the results and give my opinions on them.  And in my review and discussion segment for the show, I then launch into a discussion about filler games and list/review my top 10 fillers.

Listen, enjoy (hopefully), and feel free to give me feedback either here, via email (gamerchris@bellsouth.net), or at my Guild on BoardGameGeek.

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Extra Life:
Extra Life
Exploring Games for Kids! Team site

The Dice Tower Awards

Top 10 Filler Games:
10. Chronicle
9. Coloretto
8. Animal Upon Animal
7. Cartagena
6. Liar’s Dice
5. Lost Worlds
4. Slide 5/6 Nimmt
3. Biblios
2. For Sale
1. No Thanks!

Other Games Mentioned:
Acute Care
Dominant Species: The Card Game