Exploring Games, Episode 3: Spotlight on Blogs, Prototypes, and the Freaking Jones Theory

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Once again, I’m a lot later than I wanted to be with this, but here’s Episode 3 of…
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I cover a number of different topics on this episode, starting with what I’ve been playing recently, a rundown of all the games I played at Gameathonapocaloozefestacon 5: The Dawn of the Prototypes (a local game day at my friend Tom’s house), I have my first Blog Spotlight on the Games with Two blog (and respond to its ideas about game ratings), then I offer a toned-down rant about game collections and the Jones Theory, and finally finish up with a review of Macao.

Listen, enjoy (hopefully), and feel free to give me feedback either here, via email (gamerchris@bellsouth.net), or at my brand-new Guild on BoardGameGeek.

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Blog Spotlight:
Games with Two (and the “What’s in a Rating” article)

Game Reviewed:
Macao (and here’s more of what I’ve written about it)

Games from Gameathonapocaloozafestacon 5:
Acute Care (my prototype)
Last Word
The Manhattan Project
The Speicherstadt

Other Games Mentioned:
Eminent Domain (and check out my review)
The Reliquary Series (and the Picture of the Week that Puluc was featured in)
Last Will
Kingdom Builder: Nomads
Santiago de Cuba
Slide 5
Go Away Monster! (and my review)
Candy Land Castle

Other Links:
Go Forth and Game (Tom Gurganus’ blog)
BoardGameGeek News
Dice Hate Me
Daniel Solis’ Blog


  1. Chris, listened to the podcast today. Great job. I thought the podcast has great content and thanks for featuring me. On your points about my post I think we can agree to disagree. You did a good job of showing a different perspective, which is a good thing. You also did so in a very respectful and humble manner. It helps to see the other side of the coin.

    A little constructive criticism about the podcast in general. I would love to see some more inflection in your voice. You were pretty monotone throughout. If that’s your personality and how you want the podcast then great. However, a little excitement could go a long way. Other point is I would love to see you have a guest or co-host on. I think this would help with the other point I made and hopefully make the podcast better. I understand that makes it all the more difficult to do, but just a thought.

    Other than that loved it. wonderful content, sound, and structure. Your on your way to being the next Tom Vasel.

  2. Chris Norwood

    Hey Jason!

    I’m glad that you liked the podcast.  And I’m especially glad that you thought the Blog Spotlight was done well.  I want to highlight blogs and blog posts that get me thinking, and then sort of “continue the conversation” by adding my own thoughts as well.  But I was a little bit worried that it would come off as “let me tell you how this guy is wrong”, which I so never intended.  In the long run, I hope to be able to contact the blog writer and maybe get them on the show with me to discuss the topic in person, but scheduling for me is a total booger, so we’ll see how that goes.

    Yeah, the monotone thing.  I got the same feedback from a good friend after my first episode, and the main reason for it is that I’m alone in a room talking to a computer while the rest of my family is asleep.  So even though there’s probably no way for them to hear me (unless I screamed or something), I sort of subconsciously feel the need to lower my voice a little.  Plus, it’s still a pretty new and awkard feeling to be talking to yourself like that, but hopefully I’ll continue to get more comfortable and animated with it.  And the thing is, I’m a fairly animated person in real life, so I hate that it’s not coming through.  I’ll definitely try to continue making a conscious effort about it now that I’ve slipped back into that habit.

    And yes!  Down with the Vasel!  Viva la revolucion!  Thanks for the feedback!

  3. The blog spotlight was good. I didn’t feel like you were hammering. You said why you disagreed, but did say anything degrading. You gave a good solid arguement. You said what you liked and didn’t like about the post which is good.

    As far the podcast as a whole. I understand being quiet, we have two small children too. Keep up the good work enjoying it so far.

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