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Like I mentioned in my podcast last week, my friend Tom doesn’t like my podcast logo.  It hurt me deeply that he didn’t love my Frankensteinish, 3-font-and-crappily-edited-clip-art monstrosity of a logo, but I thought I’d take another try at it.  So, anyway, what do y’all think of this?

It’s certainly a lot simpler and cleaner, which I really like for the most part.  And the magnifying glass is more emblematic of the kind of exploration I actually do around here (rather than the jungle-ish font and compass rose I used in the other one), so that’s good too.  But I’m certainly open to any input, particularly from people who actually know what they’re doing when it comes to design and all that kind of stuff. 

And on a related note, I just noticed that I’m actually listed on the “New & Noteworthy” page for the “Games & Hobbies – Other Games” section of iTunes!  Woo hoo!  Kee-tow!  Flam-a-lam! Woot, woot!  Help me celebrate by heading over there and giving me lots of 5-star* ratings!!! 

* But only, of course, if you think that I actually deserve them. 


  1. Keith

    I thought the first one was problematic with all the fonts and each line having a different light source but I know little about design and don’t have an alternative. This one is an improvement. Simpler and more consistant. The mangifiying glass is better visual for your type of exploring. It still feels to me like it needs another bump of improvement. Do you have access to the font that makes up the Gamer Chris part?

  2. Chris Norwood

    Yeah, I’ve done all of the redesign for this blog myself (with PowerPoint, in fact), so I have all of these fonts and resources available.  I was sort of purposefully using a different font for the podcast, though, just to sort of make it stand out a little on its own (but still having the url to the blog be in the font I used for it).  But maybe that’s a bad idea anyway… 

  3. Keith

    Sent you an idea that simplifies more and takes the magnifying glass idea and runs with it.

  4. This one is better. Clean. Simple. Also has the “GamerChris” logo. The magnifiying glass is the perfect icon because it means investigation.

    And even as bad as the previous one was it was more than I have for Go Forth And Game.

  5. Chris Norwood

    Thanks!  Now I just need it to attach to my iTunes entry!  I asked about it on the GoDaddy help forums, and the response I basically got was “sometimes it takes a while”.  So I hope it will eventually get there…

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