On My Radar – Garden Dice

A new campaign just launched a couple of days ago on Kickstarter for Garden Dice, a veggie-themed, family-weight dice-allocation game.  It was designed by Doug Bass, a semi-local convention/online friend of mine.  From his website, here’s how Doug describes the game:

Garden Dice is a family strategy game that combines dice rolling, tile laying, and set collection. The game board depicts a garden as a 6×6 grid where seed and vegetable tiles are placed using dice rolls as coordinates. Players take turns using the dice to plant, water, and harvest five different types of vegetables with differing point values, from the lowly squash to the mighty eggplant.

The game’s chaining mechanic allows players to water or harvest multiple tiles using a single action, enabling players to build upon each others’ chains. Players can also use bird and rabbit tiles to eat other players’ seed and veggie tiles, but not without paying a small penalty. Two other special tiles, the sundial and the scarecrow, allow players to modify dice rolls or protect their own tiles.

Bonuses increase the value of tiles as they are harvested and additional points are awarded at the end of the game for collecting sets. The player with the most points when the last tile is taken wins. 


He was also kind enough to give me a prototype copy (and teach it to me in person, in fact), so you can find some of my initial thoughts here.  I’ve been pretty impressed with it so far, and I’ll also be publishing a full review sometime next week.  I’ve already backed it, and if you’re interested in light-to-mid-weight family style games that still have a lot of choice and strategy, you might want to consider doing so as well! 

For more information about Garden Dice, you can go to its:
Kickstarter page
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Read its rules