Gunship: First Strike is Live on Kickstarter!

first mentioned Gunship: First Strike a month or so ago, and starting today (last night, actually), you can be a part of making designer Steve Wood’s 20-year-long dream come true by supporting it on Kickstarter

In the mere 10 or 11 hours since going live, 97 backers have already signed on and the project is already 96% funded towards its $8,500 goal.  But Steve already has some great stretch goals ready to go, the first of which will basically expand the game to handle up to 4 players if it reaches $11,000 (which could easily happen before the end of the day at this rate!)  

Okay, I need to revise my numbers a little, because here at lunch time, Gunship has already blown past both its funding goal and the 1st stretch goal.  As of right now, it’s raised $11,461 from 137 backers, which is already at around 135% funding.  Plus, every copy of the game will come with the 4-player “expansion” now, which makes it a lot more attractive to me and I’m sure a lot of others out there.  Gunship: First Strike looks like it may have a real shot at making the top 10 highest-funded list of Kickstarter games, and it’s at least worth watching to see just how special it may turn out to be!

For more information about Gunship:First Strike, you can check out their:
Kickstarter page
BGG page
facebook page
– follow them on Twitter
– read the rules
– listen to the episode 27 of House Rules
– or check out the Kickstarter video on YouTube