VivaJava is Live on Kickstarter!

At midnight, the VivaJava Kickstarter campaign was launched!    

Designer T.C. Petty along with Chris and Cherilyn Kirkman from Dice Hate Me Games are now seeking Kickstarter funding to produce their latest game.  At this point (just 14-15 hours in), they’ve already reached around 30% of their $15,000 goal with $4,541 in funding so far. 

From their description on KS, here’s a “taste” (see what I did there?) of VivaJava:   

“In VivaJava, players send their researchers to hot spots around the globe to gather the perfect bean. This may bring them into contact with other players who are also on the hunt, creating a crucial choice: Go it alone and continue to research, or join forces with that opponent, hoping to combine beans from both player’s bags and share the score with a superblend. Going it alone with research can often prove useful as players spend time in the lab developing abilities that grant them an advantage. However, in VivaJava the bold taste of victory will go only to those players who are able to balance solitary research with cooperation amongst their fellow gamers.”

One thing that has me really excited is to finally see Chris’ whole graphic design theme, which comes off as really cool and quirky, especially in the sample blend slate for the Geekspansion (featuring a spoof title, “Twin Perks”).  

If you think you might like the game or just want to support T.C., Chris, and Cherilyn, head over to Kickstarter and give ’em some love!

Check out the:
– VivaJava Kickstarter page 
Official VivaJava Website
– BGG VivaJava page 

Here’s the prototype “Best-seller” list and blend slate cards, which are being replaced by the cool-as-all-get-out blend slate pictured above…