Picture of the Week – Week #3

I had a really bad picture-taking night at game night last week.  Thankfully, I took some pictures of a game that Samantha got for Christmas on another night, and they turned out pretty well.  The name of the game is Pallina, and it’s sort of a chunky, Kerplunk-like game with bamboo cage and wooden balls.  I’d send you to thumb it at BGG, but it’s not actually in the database…


Photobucket Photobucket

And just to clarify, this series is about spotlighting gaming photography.  Feel free to comment on the pictures themselves, the game, the photographic technique, or whatever else you want to.  I would especially appreciate ideas or tips to make my pictures even better!


  1. I actually am rather enjoying this new series. Whereas nobody has ever accused me of being artistic or even an art admirer, I have enjoyed the different perspective photos that you’ve been taking. Specifically, I really like the top photo here. Very nice, Chris.

  2. Chris Norwood

    Thanks Josh!  Yes, the top photo is the “official” Picture of the Week, but I wanted to include a couple of others that were contenders to give another perspective or two.  

    As for the game, it’s really beautiful and has great quality components, but doesn’t probably work quite as well as the commercial plastic versions because there are so many less sticks involved (since everything is bigger and chunkier).  The balls are big, but they’re not that big, so unless you’re really careful with your setup, a lot can fall through either when you’re loading it initially or from just a few pulls. 

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