Holiday Contest!!!

Just yesterday, I got in the Boardgame Calendars that I mentioned early last month, and they look really good!  I plan on keeping (and maybe even using) one of them, but I though with the new year just around the corner, the other would be a nice prize to give away to one lucky reader

Here’s what they look like:

Here’s the cover…
and these are two of the pages featuring some of my pictures!

If you like what you see, keep an eye on the Board Game Calendar website and blog to learn more about plans for next year.

Contest Rules:

I’m going to make this really simple.  In a comment below, just tell me (and everybody else) what boardgames are on the top of your Christmas (or other holiday) wishlist.  If you take the time to explain why you want those games or if you respond to someone else and comment on their choices, you’ll get one extra entry (with a maximum of 2 entries per person).

On New Year’s Eve, I’ll randomly choose one person to receive the Calendar and send it out as soon as possible so that you can make use of it all year long! 

To get things rolling, my Christmas list (which was mostly games, of course) looked like this:

  • Castles of Burgundy
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • Belfort (which I just got for my Anniversary)
  • the Khazad-Dum expansion for the LotR LCG
  • the Catacombs: Dark Passageways expansion
  • Lords of Vegas
  • The Resistance

And since Gwen knows how to get to my BGG Wishlist, any number of other games might be involved as well!


Congratulations to Tom Gurganus for winning the contest!  The random number generator spat out #5, and the 5th comment to this article was from Tom.  I’ll get the calendar to him as soon as I can!  

Thanks for all of your participation, and I hope everyone got lots of games over the holidays! 
Have a happy 2012! 


  1. Asa

    A few of the games on the top of my wishlist:

    7 wonders: leaders – 7 wonders was my most popular game last year
    A few acres of snow – I love the theme and hear great things about the game
    Cyclades – my girlfriend loves classics and ancient greece and I hope she might like this
    Agricola: farmers of the moor – Agricola is one of my favorite games

    Unfortunately my BGG secret santa mostly gave me gifts not on my wishlist (several of which I had already played and rated as 5’s – whoops), and I don’t usually get boardgames from family and friends. But I’m looking forward to lots of books and clothes and yummy food.

  2. My list contains

    Pandemic expansion because its a super coop game and this expansion adds even more excitement.

    Drum Roll mainly because of the theme

    Memoir 44 pacific expansion, because isn’t it true the Japanese got us involved in WWII? Also this is the 70th anniversary of the start of that war

    Dixit Oddysey makes a great expansion or stand a lone party game and it plays up to 12!!!!

  3. Great idea for a calendar. Thanks for offering one to one lucky winner.

    Here is my wishlist:

    Earth Reborn
    I love the Post Apocoliptic theme and have been toying around with a design of my own. I want this game to see what they have done and what I can do better.

    Merchants of Venus
    I love trading games and this one is so highly rated I want to play it. If it wasn’t out of print and going for $150+ used, I would have it already. FF is remaking it so we should get a chance to get a copy in the next year.

    This game sounds so interesting I really want to play it. Since none of my friends have it I guess I will just have to buy it to play it! =P

    I love tile games and this is rumored to be the best of the train games.

  4. My top three are as follows:

    Elder Sign – Played it at Strategicon and loved it. It has about 80% of the enjoyment of Arkham Horror with about 25% of the time commitment.

    Troyes – Only been able to play once, but I absolutely loved it. It’s one of the great new dice-meets-euros I’ve played.

    Belfort – So much good press on this game. It can’t all be wrong.

  5. Calendar looks great. I’m glad you picked up Belfort. Good for the wife!
    My list:
    Castles of Burgundy
    Alien Frontiers
    A Few Acres of Snow (playing on right now)
    Alcatraz: The Scapegoat
    Puerto Rico
    Shelter In Place
    Big Book of Little Games (John Wick’s latest)
    That’s enough for now.
    Go Forth and Game,

  6. Ruth

    My list included:

    7 Wonders & Elder Sign – played both of these at a recent charity gaming event and really enjoyed them

    Belfort – have heard great things. Plus I got a quick look at the components and it looks really nice in person

  7. While my wish list is very long, the 5 I’ve put on my Christmas wish list are:

    Fortune and Glory
    A game that I can play with my kids that exudes an Indiana Jones adventure hits the top. Plus the price point makes it good for a wishlist.

    7 Wonders
    Having just played it once as a 2-player game, I’m anxious to get into it with a group.

    Hive expansions (Mosquito & Ladybug)
    One of my favorite 2-player games and the powers of the Mosquito just sound too cool not to have.

    Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan
    A blind movement game would be great to have around with growing teenagers boys who want to be ninjas anyway.

    Defenders of the Realm
    Would be fantastic coop game for my 3 boys and I. We like other coop games like Castle Panic and Pandemic: On the Brink, so the theme of this one would make a great addition.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  8. Jacob

    First of all, thanks for organizing this contest. Contests are fun!
    My Christmas wish list includes:
    1) K2 expansion – the base is really fun, but needs the variety of the extra board
    2) Core Worlds – space theme, deck building and a deck of mostly unique cards sounds too good to pass up
    3) Pret-a-porter – has there ever been a heavy economic game about the fashion industry?
    4) Did I read the contest rules wrong? How hasn’t anybody included Eclipse on their Christmas wish list? The hype on this game is unbelievable and I’ve bought in to the hype. Although I don’t have Eclipse on my wish list because every retailer I’ve checked with won’t have it by Christmas. Sigh.

  9. Brenden

    My wish list is pretty extensive, but the games that I sent out to family members as possibilities are:
    Stone Age – I love worker placement and I’ve heard nothing but good things about how this game goes over with families and those that aren’t huge geeks
    Dixit Odyssey – I love Dixit and my family enjoyed it as well but some times the group is too big. So with Odyssey we’ll be able to go up to 12 players!
    Bohnanza – I borrowed this from a friend and brought it to a family retreat weekend and everyone had a great time. I’d love to be able to pull this out any time we get together.
    For Sale – Another lighter game that is said to go over really well with non-gamers.
    Troyes – This one would be for me and my gaming buddies. The use of dice looks really interesting and I love the art style.

  10. What a great idea for a contest, and a nice little prize to make it worthwhile. A big focus for me is looking for a fun game to play with my wife after work. Here’s my list:

    St. Petersburg – I first learned this game at PrezCon. I’ve come to like it a lot, and I think my wife does, too. Two-player review looks good, so I’m really encouraged that this should probably be my next Euro.

    Troyes – Ender calls Troyes “perhaps the best medium-weight game for euro gamers that emerged in 2010.” Positively commented by other reviewers for two players (as well as three or four).

    Traders of Carthage – I’ve only played this once, and it struck me as a very clever and engaging game. I’ve been glad to read reviews that it works well as a two-player game as well. Now on my short list.

    Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War – Not sure whether my wife would like this (as “Clue on steroids”) or not (as “more obtuse chess”). But the more I read about it, the more excited I get. I played it once and really liked the tension of limited information – a kind of “reverse Stratego” that requires much more thought. I think my son would like it, too.

    Le Havre – So highly rated, so well reviewed, by the designer of Agricola, for 1-5 players … what’s not to like?

  11. 7 Wonders and Agricola: Farmers of the Moor are two of my very favorites. I keep hearing buzz on A Few Acres of Snow, so I’d like to see that played. Hadn’t heard of Cyclades, but I’m a fan of ancient Greece, too, so I’ll look into it.

  12. Cliff

    King of Tokyo is at the top of my list, mainly because I play games with my youth group a lot and this is one that I think they would all thoroughly enjoy. Add to that the fact that my own kids are going to go bonkers over this (in another year or two) and you have one of my top Christmas picks for 2011!

  13. Brian W.

    I’m hoping for a copy of King of Tokyo!

  14. Brian W.

    Pandemic OTB is a great addition to the base game – we don’t play without it.

  15. Anthony

    I think you will really like Lords of Vegas. It’s once of my favorites from last year. Thanks for a great year of boardgame goodness.

  16. Chris Norwood

    A Few Acres of Snow looks really cool, but I never get to play 2-player games, so I didn’t make it a big priority on my wishlist…

  17. Chris Norwood

    Yeah, Drum Roll sounds really cool, but I didn’t put any Essen releases on my list mostly because of availability.  On the Brink is essential if you like Pandemic, though, because there’s just no reason to ever play without at least one portion of it.  I still need to try out Dixit: Odyssey, though, ’cause I have the first game and expansion, and wonder if I need this too…

  18. Chris Norwood

    I will eventually own Merchants of Venus (one of the versions, anyway, assuming that they ever get made).  Belfort is really solid, and I hope that it will be the Game of the Month! for my group in January, even.  Steam is really good… I just need to play it more!

  19. Chris Norwood

    I completely agree about Elder Sign!  I didn’t care much for Arkham Horror even before Elder Sign came out, but now that it exists. I have absolutely no desire to ever play AH again.  It’s just about the same level of randomness, but in 1 hour with much less fiddlyness and just as much fun.

    Troyes got a bum rap from my group, and I want to play it more.  It’s very good and interesting, but ultimately, also probably suffers in comparison to Alien Frontiers.

  20. Chris Norwood

    Trajan is probably at the tippy top of my BGG wishlist, but it’s just not available right now, so I didn’t include it on my Christmas list. 

  21. Chris Norwood

    Fortune and Glory sounds really cool, but I’ve been a little worried about length and overall gameplay (since I haven’t been all that impressed with other Flying Frog games).  Plus, it costs a lot of money.  But maybe if I keep hearing more good things about it, that could change…

    Defenders of the Realm just didn’t work for me, but almost everyone else seems to love it.

  22. Chris Norwood

    Core Worlds sounds really cool to me as well, but I’ve held off a little just because I love Eminent Domain so much.  I want to understand more about how they’re different before I jump into buying (or asking for) it.  Pret-a-porter sounds like an interesting game with a theme that I don’t care anything about. 

    And I’m enough over TI3 that I no longer need to keep looking for the perfect “TI3 lite” game, so I don’t care much about Eclipse.  I’ve mostly just heard what I’d call “hype” about it so far anyway, and I’ll need to find out a lot more about it before dropping the hundred bucks or whatever it is to get it. 

  23. Chris Norwood

    I liked Stone Age okay, but ultimately got pretty tired of it and traded it away.  Bohnanza and (especially) For Sale are just great, so I really hope that you get them! 

  24. Chris Norwood

    St. Petersburg it good, but I never get it to the table.  If you don’t (or haven’t gotten it at this point) it for Christmas, talk to me about maybe making a trade…

    Traders of Carthage is really great.  It’s so clever, and pretty much everyone I’ve played it with has liked it a lot.  I say this a lot, but I really need to play it more!

    COnfusion sounds really cool, but again, I never seem to play 2-player games.  Le Havre is a really good game, but it’s also very long and has a pretty steep learning curve, so I just didn’t play it enough to keep it (and therefore traded it away).

  25. Chris Norwood

    I really considered putting King of Tokyo on my list, but its player elimination kept me from doing it.  But as a really quick and fun dice game, it’s a lot of fun.

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