It’s a Board Game Calendar!

I got an interesting Geekmail yesterday from BGG user Chad DeShon about a 2012 Board Game weekly desk calendar that he’s been putting together.  It looks really cool, and best of all, he’s using three of my pictures in the project!

Basically, it’s a weekly calendar with one page per week of 2012, each featuring a gorgeous image of some boardgame or other.  The calendar sort of folds back to sit upright on your desk (see edit below), and it seems to be both useful and attractive from the samples he’s posted.  He’s been writing a blog on BGG about the whole process, which I just caught up on and found to be very interesting and full of information about what you’d be getting.  He also has an online storefront where you can order calendars for just $14 plus $2.50 for shipping.

Here you can see the style and then a sample page from the calendar

Edit: Chad sent me another message last night clarifying some details, so here’s what he said about the format of the calendar: “I saw that you included some of the sample images from my first blog post. That is great. However I want to be clear that the design as changed a bit since then. The calendar no longer has the cardboard cover. However, it is now larger and the images will go all the way to the edge of the page. I think new design is better, but I don’t want you to think I did a bait-and-switch.”

But either way, I just ordered two copies for myself, and I wanted to pass this on to all of y’all either as a gift idea for another boardgamer in your life or (like me) just to have such a cool little treat for yourself. 

Board Game Calendar Blog
Board Game Calendar Website and Online Store   

Here’s one of my images that will be included in the calendar…


  1. Congrats on getting some of your pics in this project Chris! I think you get some very nice shots that both capture something about the game and are visually pleasing.

  2. I personally think he’d sell more calendars if he’d refrain from calling Kickstarter a “place for rejects.” But that’s just my opinion.

  3. Chris Norwood

    Yeah, it was definitely not the best choice of words.  But he was setting himself up as the reject of the rejects, so it was more about self-deprecation than insulting Kickstarter users.

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