Where I’ve Been Over the Last Week…

Well, I’d love to be able to tell you how I’ve been off galavanting at GenCon or WBC or at least on some excellent family vacation somewhere.  Maybe I’d come back with news of surprise games and interviews with luminaries of the gaming world.  Heck, maybe I’d even tell you about how I shmoozed with game publishers and will have a game published soon, or that I was going to start my own game company and publish games that my wife birthed wholly formed from her head like Athena leaping from Zeus’ mighty noggin (wait, that’s somebody else, isn’t it…)

But unfortunately, my week of complete and utter blog-i-tudinal silence is due only to being very, very busy at work, ridiculously exhausted at home, and wholly unable to find time at the keyboard.  

Thankfully, though, I have had time to play some games.  Both at game night (which I’ll hopefully finish writing about soon) and over the weekend with Gwen and Samantha, I was able to get a good number of new and old games to the table.  I was also fortunate enough to get in a package full of children’s and family games from the fine folks at Gamewright as well as the new Bible-themed Crossroads boardgame, so stay tuned to hear more about all of that coming soon!

And if I had been at GenCon, I would certainly have been celebrating when Fiasco won the Diana Jones Award (which, if you’ll remember, I mentioned a couple weeks ago)!  Congratulations to Jason Morningstar and all of Bully Pulpit Games!    

This was the extent of my gaming over the weekend.  It was a small house con with limited gaming, but the company was hard to beat!

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  1. tomg

    At least you were playing something. I couldn’t buy a game this past week. Though I did get most of the way through The Fiasco Companion. That is awesome.

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