On My Radar – Flash Point: Fire Rescue

I just came across another game from the “Hot List” on BoardGameGeek, and it has me pretty fired up to know more about it…

Flash Point: Fire Rescue [BGG]

“The call comes in…’911, what is your emergency?’ 

On the other end is a panicked response of ‘FIRE!’ 

Moments later you don the protective suits that will keep you alive, gather your equipment and rush to the scene of a blazing inferno. You must face your fears, never give up, and above all else work as a team because the fire is raging, the building is threatening to collapse and people are in danger. 

You must succeed – lives are on the line!”

All silly puns aside, Flash Point: Fire Rescue really does look to be right up my alley!  It’s a cooperative game where you play firefighters attempting to rescue the victims from a blazing building.  Gameplay sounds a little Pandemic-like (where players have a certain number of action points to spend on putting out fires, carrying victims, chopping through doors and walls, etc.), but the spread of the fire is based on rolling two dice and referencing those coordinates on the board.  The advanced version of the game adds in special roles for the players and the inclusion of a fire engine and ambulance to the mix as well.  

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is actually a reprint of a self-published version (Flash Point) done through Game Crafter, but Indie Boards and Cards is going to put out an awesome-looking new version and is doing preorders through Kickstarter right now.

I was going to encourage people to support the campaign to make sure that the game gets published, but since it blew past its original funding goal in a matter of days, now it’s just about getting in your preorder and maybe picking up some of the Kickstarter promos before it wraps up on August 18.  Travis Worthington from Indie Boards and Cards has already promised some upgraded promos (a double-sided, mounted bonus board rather than the paper board originally offered) if funding reaches $15,000.  

I don’t know about you, but between the theme, what I know about game play so far, and just the fact that its cooperative, I can’t wait to get my hands on this! 


  1. I’ve never ordered a game from Indie. How’s their production quality? I know that people had also recommended Revolution from them, and I like that they donate money to Heifer International…

  2. Chris Norwood

    I own the current version of Triumvirate, and it’s really high quality.  I think that originally they were more of a low-budget operation, but with the reprint of Triumvirate and productions of Haggis and The Resistance (which is what I think you meant to say), they really stepped it up to the industry standard or better. 

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