News Channel Six – April Fiasco Playset of the Month

And more importantly, authored jointly by Ken Coble, Tom Gurganus, and ME! 

I don’t know if it says anything in particular that the guys at Bully Pulpit chose April Fools Day as the right time to publish our playset, but all joking aside, News Channel Six has finally seen the reality of publication!

We actually had the idea for this playset in our first play of Fiasco together, and we’ve been working on it off and on for about a year now.  I think it’s pretty cool, of course, but please go and check it out for yourself, even if Fiasco isn’t necessarily your thing.  It’s actually pretty funny just to read through.

And I’d absolutely love it if anyone out there actually plays it and gives any sort of feedback or session report.  That would probably make my little gamer heart explode, I think!

By the way, if you live in central North Carolina, Jason Morningstar is actually running a “Taste of Fiasco” event at Sci-Fi Genre Comics and Games in Durham tomorrow afternoon from 1-5 pm.  Tom will be there as well, so maybe you can even use our playset with one of its designers!   


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  3. And a follow-up: over on The Miniatures Page (one of the places where I go for my minis wargaming discussion) our playset just got announced as a Drive-Thru RPG ‘featured’ free download! Woot!

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