More About Reading Blogs…

This is sort of a follow-up to yesterday’s post, but I wanted to quickly mention some things that I do to call attention to my favorite blogs and blog posts.

I use Google Reader to subscribe to and read all the blogs I’m interested in, which totals 166 different blogs and feeds at this moment.  Some of those have blogfaded and others I just need to drop, but still, I skim through a lot of posts every week. 

Oh, by the way, for those of us using blog readers, make sure that your RSS feed includes full text articles rather than just previews, because it’s really annoying to have to click over to the full blog, and sometimes it’s even impossible if firewalls/web filters block your site.

But anyway, over to the left on my sidebar, you can see the most recent blog posts that I’ve shared through Google Reader.  Below that, you’ll find some of my absolute favorite blogs, with which I’ve developed some of the “relationships” I mentioned yesterday.  So, if you haven’t done so before, give them some love and keep a check down there to see what I’ve found interesting most recently.

And jus to start some conversation, how many blogs do you read?  Do you go to them directly, or use a reader as well?


  1. I’m with you on using Google Reader. And if someone doesn’t allow full text, then I immediately unfollow them. The only real time I go directly to the site is when I leave comments…. like this one….

  2. Google Reader for me too, but I only have about 60 items subscribed. And indeed one thing that I find very annoying is non full text feeds, but I probably wouldn’t unfollow because of it, as long as the blog is interesting enough. Even with about 60 subscriptions, I sometimes double-subscribe accidentally. It’s amazing how you have 166 subscriptions!

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  4. I’m on the Google Reader train too. I’m at about 35 subscriptions but seeing Hiew’s comment reminded me that I need to add him and a couple of others. Ok, so how do you get full text? I don’t currently. Inform please.

  5. Chris Norwood

    Yes you do.  When I read your blog on Google reader, I get the whole article, not just a limited snippet.

  6. Marco Wong

    I’m very old fashioned that I don’t know how to use google reader:)That’s why I’d regularly (if not daily) visit those sites and see if they have an update or not.
    Your site is on my list, for sure!
    BTW, I think finding useful information on BGG is somewhat similar to medical information using google: lots of rubbish or even wrong answers, but with some baseline knowledge you could eventually get the answer.

  7. Chris Norwood

    Most of the blogs are gaming-related, but I’ve got a few others thrown in there as well.  And a good portion of the gaming links are RPG blogs, too.  I actually just added 3 new ones today, so I’m up to169.  The new ones are:

    analogue diversions
    Get Off My Lawn | BoardGameGeek (Scott Nicholson’s new blog about being a cranky, old-man gamer)

    iOS Board Games | BoardGameGeek

    And the rest of the entire list is:

    “Roll dice and kick ass!”



    2P Co-op

    A Dark And Quiet Room Board / Card Games

    aka pastor guy


    Beware the Gazebo

    Beyond Candy Land

    Beyond Monopoly! York UK

    Beyond Swelter’s Kitchen

    blue collar space

    Board Game Dialog

    Board Game Dialog

    Board Game Madness

    Board Game Master

    Board Game Reviews by Josh

    Board Games with Scott

    Boardgame Babylon

    Boardgame News

    BoardGameGeek News | BoardGameGeek

    Boardgames To Go

    Boards and Bees

    Brain’s Board Game Blog

    Breaking the Magic

    BrettSpiel | Board Game Design

    Bruno Faidutti News

    Chapel’s Brain

    Chris Brooks

    Critical Gamers


    Daily Writing Tips

    Dave Ex Machina – A Thousand Points of Articulation

    Death of Monopoly

    Deeper in the Game

    defective yeti

    Diabetes Update

    Dice Hate Me

    Drake’s Flames

    Driving Blind

    Everyone Listens to Reason

    Everything I Played

    Fair Play – Bully Pulpit

    Felbrigg’s Gaming Blog

    Fortress Ameritrash

    Fuck Yeah, Gamemasters

    Game Design is about Structure

    Game Mechanic For Hire



    Gamer: The Blogging


    Gamer’s Mind

    Gamer’s Notebook

    Games by Johnny!

    Games Overboard

    Games with Garfield

    Gameslinger Enterprises

    Gaming Brouhaha

    Gaming Ground

    Geek Insight

    Giant Fire Breathing Robot

    Go Forth And Game

    Googols of Games

    Held Action

    Heng’s Gaming Blog

    Hiew’s Boardgame Blog

    Highmoon’s Ponderings Google feed Google feed Google feed

    I Should Be Writing

    I Slay The Dragon

    I’d Rather Be Gaming…

    Illuminating Games

    inconsequential ruminations

    Isamoor’s Corner

    Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club

    Jess Hartley – Wordsmith


    Kenneth Hite




    Meeple Mania – The Board Game Society


    Meet The Meeples


    Metroburb Gamers

    Mike Doyle’s Art Play

    Mikko’s photoblog | BoardGameGeek

    My Play



    NYC Gamer


    Out of the Box with Ken Hite

    Pair O’ Dice Games

    Paul Tevis



    Penny Arcade

    Peril Planet

    Perry’s Points

    play board games

    Play Passionately

    Play This Thing


    playing and designing board games

    Playing With Myself

    Purple Pawn


    Recent additions | BoardGameGeek

    Recent additions | BoardGameGeek Forums

    Reviews in a Box

    San Antonio Board Gamers

    Scrolls of the PlatinumWarlock

    Seize Your Turn™

    Simply Max

    Simón Dice

    Some Space to Think

    Splitting Eights in Canton, NY

    Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff


    Talking Game

    Tasty Minstrel Games

    The Game Closet

    The Blog of Michael Mindes

    The Board Game Blog

    The Board Game Family

    The Board Game Nut

    The Bureau Chiefs » Analog Gaming

    The Dominion Game Blog

    The Game Ranch

    The Game Whisperer

    The Games of Rob Bartel

    The Game’s the Thing

    The Gist is a Blog

    The Harping Monkey

    The Hopeless Gamer

    The Lead Cotillion

    The Little Metal Dog Show

    The Magic Circle Blog

    The Mine Shaft Gap

    The (New) Tao of Gaming

    The Noble Gamer

    The Opinionated Gamers

    The Superfly Circus

    The Tao of Gaming

    Theory From the Closet

    Thoughts From The Gameroom

    Toms Board Games Blog

    Total Fan Girl

    Troll in the Corner

    Type 2 Diabetes – A Personal Journey


    Up the vacuum thingy


    Wikispaces : The Jacob Cluster : Campaign Log – edits

    Year of Living Free


  8. Chris Norwood

    That’s a great analogy!  And I’m glad that I make the list!

  9. I am a sworn user of Google Reader. It makes keeping up with blogs ao effortless. And I have to confess I have no idea how many I’m subscribed to — probably not nearly 100, though, let alone 166.

  10. I was a Bloglines user for a long time, but switched to Google Reader a year ago. I zip through most blog posts pretty quickly, but yours is one that often deserves a closer inspection. 🙂

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  13. I really like these two posts. It’s good to hear how other people view following blogs and what they think of them in relation to the stuff on BGG.

    As a fairly new boardgamer I started out reading reviews on BGG, mostly of the classic games whose names I would hear crop up over and over again. Eventually after getting through that list – and getting to play quite a few of them – there was a period of “how do I find out about other great games?” That’s where following individual bloggers comes in. With BGG you have to already know what game you want to read reviews of, or rely on the highly eclectic and shiny/new centric Hotness list, whereas if I’m following a few blogs I’ll get to hear about many games that were nowhere on my radar. Plus hearing about the same game several times from several different perspectives, both in reviews and session reports, really piques your interest.

    I use Google Reader but I try to keep the number of feeds I follow culled to about 20 so that I can actually read all of them. Too many and I may come back after not checking it for a few days and discover I’m 50+ posts behind!

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