The Unfolding BoardGameNews Aftermath…

I reported earlier about the death of BoardGameNews and the birth of BoardGameInfo, but more has been added to this drama over the last week or so.

BoardGameGeek finally launched its BoardGameGeek News feature, which is the new incarnation of W. Eric Martin’s BoardGameNews model.  It will be mostly reports of game releases, game previews, interviews with designers, and (eventually) the return of Gone Cardboard (which, if you weren’t a visitor of BGN, was a list of every game that was slated to be released in a year along with its current status/release date).  Eric also mentioned that some of the content from the BGN site would make its way over to BBG News, so there will soon also be a back-catalog of information that you can peruse.

With BGG News covering the “fact” portion of what BoardGameNews used to do, Dale Yu (a former contributer to BGN) recently started up a new blog that is mostly focused on the game review and opinion portion of the old site.  Opinionated Gamers is a place where Yu and a number of other BGN alumni have joined to continue to share their voices about modern boardgames.  Other contributers include Kris Hall, Ted Alspach (and his Board 2 Pieces comic strip), Ted Cheatham, Doug Garrett, Joe Huber, Mark Jackson, Greg Schloesser, Mike Siggins and a bunch more.  

One thing that I really like about Opinionated Gamers is that even though the reviews are primarily written by one person, all the other contributers can add to it with their own thoughts, and you can find a summary of their opinions at the end of the article.  I’m already very excited about what I’ve seen and read there already.

And one thing that I really like about both of these new sites is that they are in blog format with full-text RSS feeds.  That way, I can slap them into Google Reader and make sure that I never miss a post by accident!

Have y’all checked these out yet?  What do you think?       


  1. Yeah, I’ve got all three sites piped into my Google Reader account, too, and it makes it easy to catch up quickly. I end up skipping most of the articles, zooming in on the ones that really catch my eye.

  2. I found The Opinionated Gamers through Purple Pawn I think. I’m very impressed so far. It is loaded in my Google Reader too. I look forward to reading more.
    BGGN is pretty good so far. I hope it gets more front page space though.

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