Board Game Info – Will It Fly?

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new boardgame resource website out there, called Board Game Info

It’s still sort of in its public beta phase, so it’s a little rough around the edges in places, but it’s looking pretty good so far.  It’s got a lot of the same features as BoardGameGeek, but also includes features exclusive content from popular game reviewers and columnists.  Some of the luminaries adding their content to the site include Scott Nicholson (the “Game Professor“), Shannon Appelcline, Matt Drake, Tom Vasel, and many others.  

From what I’ve heard, this project has been in the works from long before the merger of Boardgame News and BGG, but it certainly seems to have benefitted from some of the upheaval, especially in attracting some of their “talent”. 

But I just have to wonder whether or not BGI will really be able to “compete” with BGG.  Personally, I think that I’ll probably visit with some regularity, mostly to check out the exclusive content that I don’t already get through Google reader, but I can’t imagine that I’ll be using it to do things like track my collection or game plays or anything else that’s already taken care of on BGG.  I don’t have anything against it, but unless it proves itself to be, in some real and significant way, better than BGG, I don’t think that it’d be worth my effort. 

So, have any of y’all checked it out yet?  What do you think about it?  Are you willing to jump right in, or will you mostly watch from a distance to see how it develops?


  1. Kearn

    I am a huge fan of Scott so I will go and check out his posts and videos. I will be one of the lurkers and see how the site develops.

    I just found your blog and I enjoy reading your game summaries and reviews. Keep up the great work.

  2. Kenny

    I’ve seen a few of the people on BGG who like to complain about the ‘stifling PC moderation’ there talk a big game about switching to BGI en masse at some point. If the BGI moderation is anything like the moderation at RPGnet, its sister site, those people are in for a bit of a surprise.

    Otherwise, I’m like you Chris; I’ve got nothing against it and might check a few things there, but the BGG stuff is here already and I like the way it works. I’m not sure there’s going to be enough new stuff there for me to split my browsing time between the two.

  3. Rob Cannon

    I don’t like BGI so far. The layout is not pleasing to me (BoardGameNews looked much better). I don’t like the forum orientation for new articles. The RSS feeds don’t include enough information to determine if I want to read the whole article. Finally, I don’t like it when they repeat articles from other news sites (like Purple Pawn). I don’t need to read the same thing twice.

  4. Chris Norwood

    It is still in Beta, so I won’t make up my mind completely right now, but I’m definitely not seeing what would make it worth a regular investment of my time so far.  If I can get some of the exclusive articles to show up on Google reader (which I use to read all the blogs I follow), then I might keep up on some of the information that way, but otherwise, I’ll probably end up just checking it out once a week or so when I happen to think about it.

  5. I look at quick look at the other day and closed the tab as soon as the front page loaded. At a glance I had no idea what I was looking at and turned away. What the heck are style and substance? Is the review rating the game in that fashion, or is it a critique of the review itself? Extremely confusing. Any given page takes serious effort to parse through. If they want to pull people over the first experience needs to be better than BGG, not worse.

    Ultimately they need to offer something I can’t get from BGG to make me visit them on any sort of semi-regular basis. The one feature I did like was the list of upcoming games, but of course that’s only useful if it stays up-to-date.

    Good luck to them! If they can pull it together I’d love to have two places to get my board game internet fix. First impressions don’t give me much hope, though.

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