BoardGameNews is joining BoardGameGeek!

Just in case you missed the news, W. Eric Martin, the owner/editor of, announced this week that BGN would “disappear as a standalone site to be reborn as part of BoardGameGeek” starting in January.

BGN has had significant technical problems over the last 2-3 months related to an attempted upgrade, and has been down for most of the time since October.  From what I gather, the stress and time commitment of managing the techincal issues and fund-raising/advertising requirements for the site were becoming far too much of a burden for Eric to manage, and that folding it into BGG would allow him (in his new role as “BGG News Editor”) to focus more on collecting, writing, and reporting actual boardgame news. 

There is a ginormous thread at BGG about what this will mean, with some signigicant and mostly reasonable opinions on both sides of the fence.  There’s a lot of questions floating around about things related to content, appearance, format, content, and (most importantly) editorial voice/independence. 

Personally, I’ve always been a follower and fan of both sites, and I’m very hopeful that this will be a good thing for everyone involved.  It’s certainly preferable to BGN closing up completely, but I do hope that it’s able to maintain some level of independence and separation from the mass of other, user-generated content on BGG. 

Do y’all have any thoughts about it?


  1. Jeff

    One issue that was raised on the BGG thread, which I agree with, is that when BGN joins BGG you’ll lose the more professional, edited reviews. Since all content on BGG is treated equally, there’s no way to highlight what might be more professional besides thumbs. But, I would prefer this to the site closing entirely.

  2. I’m hoping they continue the cartoons too…I love those little Meeple Cartoons!

  3. tomg

    BGG is a private site. Dirk and Aldie can change the rules however they need to accommodate BGN’s needs. I do not think that they will compromise BGN.

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