Thank You, Secret Santa!

In addition to a lot of other things that made for a great Thanksgiving holiday, I was also blessed to have a fantastic BGG Secret Santa this year!  A mysterious package was delivered to my brother’s house (which is right next door to us) on Wednesday, so they brought it along to our big family Thanksgiving shindig.

After I had consumed enough turkey and dressing to feed a third-world village for a month, I broke out the package and popped it open.  Inside, I found:

As I was playing Hansa Teutonica at game night this week, more than once I said how much I hoped that my Secret Santa would get it for me!  And he threw in Coloretto to boot!  The only issue surrounding the game is that it was missing the wooden discs for three of the colors, but I’ve already sent an email to Zev at Z-Man, and I’m sure that he’ll take care of sending replacements in no time.

So, just to say it again, thank you Secret Santa!  You’ve definitely started my holiday season off right, and I bet that you’ve also helped us make Hansa Teutonica Game of the Month! in the very near future!

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  1. It’s a brilliant, brilliant game. My latest 10. It’s one of the rare games that increasingly amazes with each play.

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