Return of the Blogger!

Just over 2 weeks ago, I became a father for the second time.  I’ve taken some time off from the blog in the meantime, but hopefully, I’ll get it back on track soon.  I haven’t been able to make it to game night yet, but I’ve been doing some solo gaming and a little playing with Gwen, so maybe I’ll have something to talk about. 

But anyway, let me return with a post about my new little girl, Corinne Felicity!

Here I am, all garbed up and ready for the birth.

It was a c-section, and here’s Corinne’s head just after being pulled from Mommy’s tummy…

Here’s Corinne in the recovery room…

and then a day or two later.

And here’s me and my two girls once we got home.

Corinne asleep on my chest.

If you’re interested in seeing a few more photos of Corinne, you can go here.  Otherwise, stay tuned for actual gaming content coming soon!


  1. Keith Carter

    Thank you for posting Chris. The shot of Corinne asleep on your chest is so cute.

    You have been missed at gaming night. We should find a way to get that first shot of you layered on to a Pandemic role card.

  2. tomg

    Glad you’re back buddy!
    Those kids sure are cute.
    Good to game with you last night too.

  3. Adam K

    When you posting again, homes? I miss the blog. Feel free to leave out my Taluva ineptitude from last Tuesday.

  4. Chris Norwood

    It’s just exceedingly difficult to find enough uninterrupted time to sit down at the computer and write.  I’ve got 3 or 4 posts in the works, but I just can’t get them completed!  Maybe I’ll have something up later today, and I hope to get the report from last week up before tomorrow night.

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