Updating My Top 100 Games!

It’s been just about a year since I first compiled my Top 100 Games.  So, over the last 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve been taking another look at the list and making some revisions to better reflect my current tastes.

I started by making cards for every game that I rate a 7 or higher.  I then began using Tom Vasel’s method of dealing out 6 cards at a time and dividing them into two piles.  You keep doing this until you get several piles, then start promoting and demoting games based on the result until they’re all sorted out and the list is made.  The problem is that, unless you do this a crapload of times, you can still get pockets of “better” games that stay down in the list and “worse” games that are too high.  So, I shuffled the cards back up and tried something different.

My “new” method was to deal out 10 cards at a time and arrange them in order of how much I wanted to play them.  I then integrated the individual piles together, which proved to be a lot easier and gave me a better list.  I still made a few adjustments afterwards, but here’s what it looks like:

100. Twilight Imperium, 3rd edition 
99. Zombiegeddon
98. Toledo
97. Cutthroat Caverns
96. Winner’s Circle
95. Zooloretto
94. Escalation!
93. The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow (Werewolf in general)
92. Caylus: Magna Carta
91. Illuminati: Deluxe Edition
90. If Wishes Were Fishes
89. Telestrations
88. Basari
87. Parade
86. Sultan
85. 10 Days in Asia
84. A Castle for All Seasons
83. On the Underground
82. Patrician
81. Prophecy
80. Fresco 
79. Roll Through the Ages
78. Tier auf Tier
77. Nexus Ops
76. Bang!
75. Wits & Wagers
74. Sorry! Sliders
73. In the Year of the Dragon
72. Betrayal at House on the Hill
71. Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery
70. Cold War: CIA vs. KGB
69. Kingdoms
68. Ticket to Ride
67.King of Siam
66. Settlers of Catan
65. Revolution!
64. Blue Moon City
63. Antike
62. Top Race
61. Through the Desert
60. Carson City
59. Tales of the Arabian Nights
58. Peloponnes
57. Cloud 9
56. Dixit
55. Amun-Re
54. Space Alert
53. Space Hulk (3rd Edition)
52. Ghost Stories
51. Castle Ravenloft
50. Shadows Over Camelot
49. Mission: Red Planet
48. Balderdash
47. Puerto Rico
46. Chicago Express
45. Dream Factory
44. PitchCar
43. Liar’s Dice
41. RoboRally
41. No Thanks!
40. Cartagena
39. Castle Panic
38. Dominion
37. Cyclades
36. Vegas Showdown
35. Forbidden Island
34. Shogun/Wallenstein
33. Traders of Carthage
32. El Grande
31. Samurai
30. Small World
29. The Pillars of the Earth
28. BattleLore
27. War of the Ring
26. Cosmic Encounter
25. Tobago
24. Carrom
23. Acquire
22. China/Web of Power
21. Catacombs
20. Warrior Knights
19. Ra
18. Citadels
17. Descent: Journeys in the Dark
16. Taluva
15. Endeavor
14. Metropolys
13. Agricola
12. Struggle of Empires
11. Witch’s Brew
10. Steam
9.  Notre Dame
8.  Arkadia
7.  Fury of Dracula
6.  1960: The Making of the President
5.  Macao
4.  Tribune: Primus Inter Pares
3.  Tigris & Euphrates
2.  The Princes of Florence
1.  Pandemic

So again, this list is not about which games I think have more of some inherent “greatness” quality about them.  These are simply the games that I, personally, want to play the most.  And it’s not even saying that I will always want to play a game higher on the list before every single game below it, because situations and moods can play a huge part in those kinds of individual decisions.  And, of course, this is an incredibly subjective process, so the list I may make tomorrow may be very different (and, if you could see the first list I came up with this time, it was significantly different last week).

What do y’all think?  Anyone want to play some of my Top 100 with me???

The new king of the hill!