Parsely! Planning a Trip to the Action Castle

Okay, we’re about to start an experiment. 

Jared Sorensen has recently released a series of “games” called Parsely Games.  These are based on the old text adventure parsers from the 1980’s.  If you remember things like Zork and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’ll have a clue about how it works.

But anyway, one player takes the role of the parser, while everyone else takes turns being the “player”.  These games are designed for play with large groups, so I thought that they might be a really cool thing to try in a blog format!  I’ll be the parser, setting the initial scene and responding to your commands.  In the comments, give one or two word commands, usually in the form of  <verb> <noun>, such as Use Knife, Go South, Examine Duck, or even slightly more complex commands like Give Duck to Guard.  

There are also some special commands, which do particular things:

  • Help – Lists the special commands
  • Inventory – Lists all that you’re carrying
  • Save/Load Save/Restore Game – Sets a save point or reloads the game to your last save point.  Only 3 save points can be made throughout the game.
  • Score – Tells you your current score.  There are a maximum of 101 possible points.

If you don’t use language that the parser understands, then you’ll get an error message.  And that’s where I get to have some fun. 

So, my next post will be the actual game. Please feel free to jump right in and start giving commands.  I’ll try to check in frequently, but you can go ahead and give multiple commands that would occur in order.  I’ll edit the comments aggressively, removing any duplicate commands or ones that have been invalidated when previous commands didn’t go as expected.

Please leave any questions or comments here, and keep the comments in the game post dedicated to actual play!

Everyone suit up and get ready to explore the Action Castle

***New Stuff***
Try to limit yourself to 2-3 actions at the most in any one entry.  And leave opportunity for other people to jump in as well.  

I will probably start editing your posts to add in results, rather than responding, because the thread is getting really long already.


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