Random Tidbits for GamerChris

July was a big month for GamerChris.com!  I set another all-time high for visits at over 7300 visits and around 4300 entry views.  Personally, I feel like I’ve gotten a bit lazy with the timeliness and variety of my posts, but I’ll try to work on that.  And I really appreciate the faithfulness of my readers!

Issue #3 of Thru-the-Portal just came out as well.  I wanted to make more of a contribution to it than I did, but my review of Dread (the Jenga-using RPG) is included.  Go and give it a read!

Finally, my good buddy Tom has started a really cool interview series on his blog, Go Forth and Game.  So far, he’s had gaming luminaries such as Eric Summerer (co-host of The Dice Tower);  author, blogger  and podcaster Jess Hartley; and Don Dehm of the Pulp Gamer Media Network (a network of hobby gaming podcasts).  He also has interviews coming up from Jason Morningstar (designer of Fiasco, Grey Ranks, and many other fine RPG’s) and Doug and Shelley Garret (of the Garrett’s Games & Geekiness podcast).   

And, for whatever reason, Tom also decided to interview me.  So the latest installment of “A Conversation with…” is all about me.  In it, I talk a lot about how GamerChris.com and the Hypermind Boardgamers came about, as well as some of my thoughts about gaming in general.  So go over and give Tom’s site (and my interview in particular) some love!

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