Scary Monsters and Prosperous City States!

Over the last couple of weekends, I managed to fit in a couple of games with Gwen and by myself, as well as a little play with Samantha, amongst all of her Mary-Poppins-and-Little-Mermaid-with-a-side-of-Snow-White watching.  I tried to play Hi Ho! Cherry-O with her once, but while she actually has the counting skills, the cherries proved to be far too distracting.  And when they started being flung about the room, the game had to go up.  I also tried out Snail’s Pace Race again, but it just doesn’t hold her attention well enough (’cause, you know, it does move at a snail’s pace ).  So mostly, we stuck to Go Away Monster! for our “whole family” gaming.

Mommy needs to make that monster “Go away!!!”
Catacombs has been pretty hot for me and my gaming group ever since I got it, and I took the opportunity to get in a game of it solo weekend before last.  Since there’s no real hidden information or anything, it’s very easy to just play each side to the best of your ability when it’s their turn.  So for a flicking game, it feels more like a real game than just like “practice”.  But I’m still not going to “count” it, since I was only playing against myself.

I also got in a solo game of Peloponnes on that same weekend.  It went pretty well, and I barely succeeded in getting the required 24 points for the first game in the solo series. 

And then last weekend, I introduced Peloponnes to Gwen as well.  During the game, I wasn’t sure how well she liked it, but later in the day, I was extremely encouraged when she basically asked to play it again.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to get it back to the table, but I’m still hopeful that this may get some regular play at the house for a while.

There are a couple of things about Peloponnes, though.  First, I got something wrong in the rules.  I asked a question on the GeekDo forums about supply rounds, and found out that I was timing them all wrong.  So I’m interested to try it again soon, doing it correctly.  The other thing is that, apparently, I completely suck at this game.  But I like it pretty well so far, and want to get in some plays with more than two players to see how the auction runs with more parties being involved.

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