Little Game Chef Winner is Announced!

As I think I mentioned before, I entered the Little Game Chef competition run over on Story Games by Jason Morningstar, Graham Walmsley, and Eero Tuovinen.  They just posted the results, and the winner was The Visitor, which I did not write.

Personally, I haven’t designed a game since middle school, when I put together incredibly bad and derivative games based on Terminator (set in the machine-controlled future), Transformers, and the way that magic worked in the Last Unicorn movie.  So I didn’t really even intend to enter the competition, but based on the ingredients, I actually had a spark of an idea.  So I took a little time away from writing this site to write it out and submitted it.  I even got in one playtest last Saturday, but it was too late for me to really make any changes.  

The game is called 6 Degrees of Resolution, and you can find it here

The theme for the competition was comedy, and the ingredients were Bond, Holiday, Starfish, and Recall; three of which were supposed to be included in the design.  Recall gave me the idea for using flashbacks, and for some reason, I latched onto the idea that flashbacks would all be bound together in a string of causality.  So basically, the game consists of a string of six flashbacks which aren’t really resolved until the first (earliest) event is played through.  Then the lessons learned in each flshback would snap back to influence the scene it happened in, and then into the next one, until you finally have the original scene resolve.

It was pretty rough, but mildly entertaining.  Now I need to decide if I want to bother with cleaning it up some more and doing anything else with it… 


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