If you haven’t heard yet, Dixit did, in fact, win the Spiel des Jahres

Just like I predicted.

It’s also interesting to note that the Origins Awards were given out this past weekend at, of course, Origins.  The winners (that I really care about) from that were:

RPGEclipse Phase
Children’s, Family, or Party GameAre You the Traitor?
Traditional Card GamePoo
Board GameSpace Hulk, 3rd edition

I don’t know much about Eclipse Phase, but I’ve mostly heard good things.  AYtT? won because Looney Labs has a good presence at Origins with lots of fans.  Poo won because it’s named Poo.  And Space Hulk… maybe it deserved it.  I would have gone with Steam or Endeavor myself, but I can see how that population would go for Space Hulk instead.  Still, it wasn’t the result I was hoping for overall to redeem the reputation of the Origins Awards.


  1. Adam Koehler

    I will attest to the amiable presence of Looney Labs at Origins, Chris. I was half-tempted to let them lure me into their room and try their silly games, but alas, my time was scarce.

    Oh, and I’d be downright honored to do a full write up of my Origins impressions and experiences for the GamerChris blog, as you invited. I’ll bring my mementos from the con for a sweet photo for the post next time I come to game night (hoping that’s tomorrow).

  2. Ive been hoping to play Dixit since it has been mentioned multiple times here and in Game Night reports.
    I hope to make it to game night tonight. My throat and sinuses have been killing me. So that may preclude the drive to Burlington today. Lousy allergies/summer cold. :-/

  3. Chris Norwood

    Oh, just suck it up and come on!  It’s been the “Summer of George II: George Strikes Back” or whatever for a few weeks now, and I’ve barely seen you yet!

  4. tomg

    I’m with you Britt. I’ve got too. Didn’t sleep a wink last night. I’m sitting here watching Dr. Who and hoping the fever breaks soon. Just wait until Chris is sick.
    Dixit seems fun. It’s on the list.

  5. My doctor says that I have strep throat and a viral infection. This is supposed to be the Summer of George…Aargh!

  6. So what’s the game of the month for July?

  7. Chris Ingersoll

    As much as we all adore Dixit (for a given value of “all”), we’re not naive enough to think that it would have the legs to be played at least once a week.

    We’re going with Notre Dame for July. I’m sure Dixit will be around. If you know ahead of time when you’ll be able to make it (Carol too; I’m sure she’d love it) then either Chris or I can be sure to bring it.

  8. Chris Norwood

    Yeah, that’s beyond “suck it up” territory.  Thanks for not coming and infecting us all with your funk…

  9. Will do, Chris!

    I hope to be there next Tues, 7/6.

  10. I am pretty much happy to run into your site on the web and from now on I promise to visit your site every day and enjoy reading it. Seems like a faith.

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