Last Minute Prediction…

Tomorrow is the announcement of the SdJ winner, and I thought I’d give my final prediction about who it will be.

I was really hoping to get in a game or two of Fresco this weekend, but Gwen’s 13-hour workday yesterday didn’t cooperate.  So while I haven’t played that yet, I think I still have a pretty decent understanding of what the game is about.  I’ve played everything else (except for A la Carte, which I don’t think has a chance in heck), and am willing to stake my hard-earned reputaion as a game award predictor on this…
So, the winner of the 2010 SdJ will be… Dixit!

I have some reasons for this, but don’t have time to go into them now.  But what do y’all think?


  1. Chris Ingersoll

    I really, really hope so.

    Because maybe then they’ll reprint Dixit 2. 😛

  2. Alton

    And the winner is… DIXIT! 🙂

  3. Chris Norwood

    Whew!  I was a little worried about my reputation (since I did put it on the line), but Dixit has, as Alton said, won the SdJ.

    My “reasons” were related to the fact that I’ve heard Dominion wasn’t the commercial success (in Germany, with families) that many previous winners have been, and that it may have been a little too “different” or “advanced” for the target audience.  So I figured they’d be looking for something a lot more family-friendly.  Fresco sounds like a very solid, light-ish game, but it appears to still be a little more complicated than some previous winners.  And among the lighter games, Dixit is clearly superior to both Portrayal and A la Carte.  So that meant that it would be between Dixit and Roll Through the Ages, but with Dixit’s track record of already winning Game of the Year in France (a couple of years ago) and Spain, along with a laungry list of other wins and nominations.  It is simple, fun, and looks great. 

    So while I would have maybe liked to see RTtA win a little more, I’m very happy with Dixit’s win, and look forward to all the new expansions! 

  4. Chris Norwood

    Yep, we can probably count on that!

    Plus, we’ll have Dixit 3, Dixit: Des Kartenspiel (card game), Dixit: Des Kartenspiel II, Dixit, the boardgame adaptation of the kartenspiel, Dixit Oracle (for the iPhone/iPad), and Dixit: The Clash, made by Fantasy Flight with 345 plastic bunny miniatures in a tombstone box with 37 lbs of cardboard.

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