Three Years in Blogging

So, it’s been 3 years.  I have no real idea exactly what I wanted to accomplish when I started this blog, other than maybe to find my “voice” in the boardgaming community.  Hopefully, I’ve done that to some extent.  I also hope that can be a bit of a community for my local game group and at least occasionally a source of entertainment and information for the greater boardgaming family. 

As I did last year, I wanted to take the chance to reflect over some of the posts which I feel are good enough to warrant a second look.  Even though I was actually looking back over the previous two years last time, I think that it was harder to narrow down my choices over the just the last year for this post.  I know that my amount of output has increased this year, and I hope that the over quality is going up as well.  But anyway, please bear with me as I take you on this rather self-indulgent trip through memory lane… 

Special Attention:

These are articles that I didn’t include in the consideration for my top 10 over the last year.  They are recurring entries that all have a special place in my gaming life and this blog, and I didn’t want them to steal space from the more standard articles.

  • Give the Gift of Gaming! The 2009 Holiday Gift Guide!!!  – This was my gift-giving guide from last Christmas.  I work really hard on it every year, and try to make it a site that I can send to even the non-gamers in my life to try and give them ideas of what to buy for friends and family.
  • 2009 Year in Review – My annual review of my gaming and the games from the past year. 
  • MACE 13 – General Review, Part 1; Part 2 – MACE is the one gaming convention that I’ve been able to attend consistently over the last several years, and the one in 2009 was the absolute best yet.  It contains both boardgaming and role-playing, and is always a lot of fun to attend and to write about.
  • GamerChris’ Top 100 Games! – This is my newest “annual” entry, because I plan to reevaluate my top 100 list every year.
Number 10:

  • Princes of a Small Tribune 5/12/09 – This was the first game night report where I used the “Man Bites Dog” style of title writing.  It always makes writing them a bit of a game in itself, which is usually pretty amusing to me.  We played three great games that night, and the report itself is pretty good as well.

Number 9

Number 8

Number 7

  • Bang: Race for the Riches! 8/20/09 – This was the night that started the whole Bang! craze in my game group.  The ‘best’ part was when I turned the interaction between my outlaw “partners” into a little scene from a comedic western.  They were pretty stupid, and stupid is pretty funny… 

Number 6

  • Getting Savage in the Land of TomG 1/26/10 – This was a roleplaying report of a Savage Worlds game run by Tom.  It was one of the first non-convention RPG sessions that I’ve been in for years.  It was a lot of fun, and I thought that the write-up turned out very well.

Number 5

  • A Solo Adventure through the Arabian Nights 8/10/09 – I had a crazy idea to see how well Tales of the Arabian Nights played as a solo game, and took copious notes to see if it would make an interesting story.  I had to stretch things a bit in places, but I think that it turned out pretty well.  I also detailed exactly how I kept the notes and some out-of-character tidbits at the end.

Number 4

  • Teaching Games 10/6/09 – Inspired by Ryan Sturm’s classic article at BGG and his new podcast about Teaching Games, I thought that I would lay out my thoughts and strategy for teaching games. 

Number 3

  •  “Classic” Modern Boardgames 5/8/09 – This was directly in response to a Boardgames To Go episode about whether or not any of ‘our’ games would ever become “classics”.  It was the best “meta-casting” article that I wrote all year, and Mark Johnson mentioned it heavily in one of his feedback shows. 

Number 2

  • RPG-or-Die!-Con Coverage (Comatose , Dread , and Fiasco ) 3/2/10-3/8/10 – Another RPG-heavy series, focusing on the RPG gaming day that I had a couple of months ago.  We got in plays of Tom’s work-in-progress, Dread, and Fiasco.  And the coverage includes a huge report and review of Dread, as well as a pretty entertaining session report from the Fiasco game.

Number 1

  • Boardgame Basics: An Introduction to Modern Boardgames 5/23/09 – But the most important thing that I did all year on this blog was to write the Boardgame Basics series.  My idea was to have a series of articles that could help to introduce new people to our hobby and give them some of the basics to understand both how these games are different from traditional games and what kind of entertainment they can offer.  I didn’t really mean for it to drag out all year long, but I also didn’t want to rush through it and not do a good job.  As it is, I’m very pleased with the whole series, and I frequently point people to it who are interested in my hobby but aren’t really gamers themselves.  It’s one of the most consistently viewed articles on the site, and one of them installments (about Theme and Setting) was even picked up by StumbleUpon  and saw a ton of hits from that as well.  Obviously, I think that it’s important enough to put a permanent button for it on the prime upper-left location of the site, and I hope that it will be a good resource for all of you to use in the future as well.

So there you have it; the best of my third year in blogging.  I really do appreciate all of you who read my site, and I hope that you continue to find value in the time and attention you spend here.  Keep your eyes open for more contests and other interesting stuff, and as always, please feel free to email me or post comments about anything that you read here or if you have any ideas or criticisms you might have.

Now to get my brain ready for game night tonight!!! 

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    Blog on Brother, Blog on!

    I really enjoy this one Chris; it reminded me of what a great job for all of us gamers and the soon to be converted gamers you do.

    You have my heartfelt thanks my friend.

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