Podcast Report!!!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I listen to a crap-ton of podcasts.  Most are gaming related, but there are a few other regular ‘casts that make it onto my iPod as well.  I’ve done this kind of thing pretty regularly, but with this post, I’m beginning an official “Podcast Report!!!” feature on this site.  Mainly, the only difference will be the spiffy little logo and having a category archive for all the posts.  

I’m even going to institute the official GamerChris Podcast Rating System™:   
 – This is pretty freaking awesome stuff!  The podcast or episode I’m talking about is truly exceptional, and I can’t recommend it enough!
 – This is very solid and enjoyable, and I recommend it.
 – I’m not sure about this yet.  It might change later, but for now I’m not sure it’s worth your time.
 – Don’t bother.  This is either pointless or annoying.

So, if you’re looking for something good to listen to, the following podcats would be a good start… 


Collateral Gamage! – This is my newest “discovery” of the last month or so.  They’re putting out shows almost weekly right now, where they review one game in depth but also have a time of discussion about other recent gaming.  Their game preferences don’t always line up with mine, but they do a good job of exploring the games and are entertaining to listen to.  


The Cannon Puncture Show, especially the Game Advocates series – I’ve been listening to Cannon Puncture for a while now, and I’ve always enjoyed it a lot.  But this Game Advocates series is just freaking brilliant.  Rich finds a fan of a particular game and then interviews them all about the basics of the game, why they like it, and even what problems that it may have.  It’s very similar to the incredible work that the Independent Insurgency podcast was doing, except that you get the perspective from another gamer rather than the designer of the game itself.  I’ve enjoyed them all, but my favorites are the ones for Polaris, SorcererBurning Wheel, and Little Fears.

Actual People, Actual Play – The name of this podcast is a bit misleading.  Now, I actually like true “actual play” podcasts at times, but they can also get very drawn out and depend a lot on how entertaining the podcasters themselves are to listen to.  But in Actual People, Actual Play, they don’t truly do live actual play.  Instead, they do something more like what I do here at GamerChris for my gaming reports.  They give a brief summary of the session and then spend most of the time talking about the strengths and weaknesses of their session and of the game itself.  It’s a very cool model, and they’re playing a lot of games that I’m really interested in.  They’ve already played through an entire Burning Empires campaign and are now in the middle of a Grey Ranks trilogy.  But they’ve also done shows on Zombie Cinema, Montsegur 1244, and The Shab-al-Hiri Roach as pickup games when their regular game fell through.

Other Stuff

The History of the World in 100 Objects – This is a series put out by the BBC in conjunction with the British Museum, and it’s pretty darn interesting.  Each episode it under 15 minutes, and focuses on a particular object from the museum, telling its significance and what it symbolizes in the development of human life and culture.  I’m not a huge history buff, but it’s been very nice to fill in the time between gaming podcasts or when I’m running short on gaming material to listen to.